Weightloss Journey

Since it's been almost 4 years (March 2013) since I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery and I've had 2 babies since then, I feel like I should probably update the purpose of this page.  This page is to give me motivation (and maybe you too...). 

Motivation to not go back to the way I was before surgery but also motivation to strive to be the best me I can be.

These are some pictures that I want to always remember so I can work hard to take care of myself in a healthy way.  My journey certainly did not start in 2011 as I've dealt with these issues literally my entire life.  This is just where I choose to start the pictures (for everyone's sake lol).
 2012.... a once in a lifetime (probably, anyway) trip to Italy and I was at my absolute highest weight I'd ever been and miserable.

March 2013, I had gastric sleeve surgery.  A few months later, although I had a long way to go, I was actually starting to feel comfortable in my own skin.  I wish I had made this decision many years earlier.

December 2013- We went on a cruise with friends.  I stayed in sleeveless shirts and didn't wear a shirt over my bathing suit.  I actually felt pretty.

 April 2014- We did a photoshoot to announce my pregnancy with Maddox.  I was about 10-12 weeks pregnant (can't remember).  It was probably a combination of the location (beautiful Charleston), the awesome makeup, and the amazing photographers (wink, wink) but I look back at these pictures and know this is the prettiest and most confident I've ever felt in my life.  At the time, I had lost 90lbs from my highest weight and was almost able to run a 5k.

These pictures were taken the day before I was induced with Maddox.  37.5 weeks pregnant.
November.... 1 month after having baby #1.

I started running again... this time pushing a stroller.  I didn't make it through the program though.  Can't really remember why.

I was about 10 or so weeks pregnant with Sawyer in the January picture below.  June, I was 7 months pregnant (and very hot! lol).

First picture is 1 month after baby #2.... trying to give myself grace.

This next series of pictures are what I consider my "before" pictures.  They were taken the day before my surgery which was on March 20, 2013.  Although...I had lost 12 lbs from my highest weight in these while doing the pre-op diet.

7 month progress pictures are below.  I've done pretty well this month with exercise and water.  I've lost 82 lbs total (including pre-op).  I've lost a total of 47 inches.  These were taken on October 24, 2013.


  1. Love your page! Love your story. Love the way you told your story. It was so real. But you could feel your joy, hope and peace in the words you wrote. I connect to your about page because I see some of my own story in yours. No matter what we want to belief about how different all people are, we are alike in just as many ways. I wish you the best and just learning your name through Unveiled Wife and your page - I'm adding you to my prayer list, just because. Just praying for another person.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate that more than you will ever know. I try to write with honesty and transparency...and basically just from my heart. Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes that's a bad thing :) And I appreciate the prayers as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You look great! Did you have bypass or band? I've had both and ended up having 80% of my stomach removed (but lost over 230lbs and was on Oprah!) I would love to chat with you and share stories! It seems like we have a lot in common!

  3. I was just blogging about self confidence and loving yourself - what a perfect blog to have bumped into! I'm Phoebe by the way! Found you from SITSgirls! I can't wait to see more of your progress and I'll be cheering you on from good ole TN :)
    Feel free to stop by anytime - takenbythelapels.wordpress.com

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment :) I'll go check out your blog!

  4. Thanks for sharing your progress with pictures! This gives great motivation and hope to people who fight for a healthier and happier body :)