So this is me...Melissa Paige ('cause that's not as Southern as can be).  I'm a little mixed up and a big dreamer.  I love to laugh and if I let myself, I can cry at the simplest things (Clydesdale commercial anyone?? lol).  I'm a born again Christian and thankful that my God never leaves me or forsakes me despite myself.  I like to listen to Michael Buble and imagine I'm outside under thousands of twinkle lights ballroom dancing with my love.  Then I remember I don't know how to dance...darn reality.  If I could be anywhere right now, I'd be at an outside café in Venice, Italy or enjoying a Hawaiian sunset...both of which I've actually had the chance to do.  At heart, I'm an apron wearing, candle lighting hostess with the mostess with a keen sense of design.  In reality, I work part time as an assistant, do some photography on the side and dream up businesses I could create.  I live vicariously through Pinterest and leave the cooking to my good looking husband.  I plan trips in my head as often as I mentally re-decorate a room...which is quite often.  Photography will always be a love of mine and I love being able to capture memories for people in the here and now :)  I love foreign languages, jewelry, good friends, game nights, flying anywhere, Jack Johnson and John Meyer, NYC skyline from the top of the Rockefeller building, and listening to the waves crash against the shore.  I have music A.D.D. and more likely than not have a song always playing in my head.  If someone were to describe me, I guarantee the awful word "shy" would be thrown in there.  I don't consider myself shy...just quiet, reserved, and observant.  I am a psychology grad afterall...I like to watch people.  I'm a self-proclaimed introvert and being social exhausts me but I enjoy it at the same time.  I like boxing, complete with gloves and beating the crap out of a heavy bag.  My mom is my best friend and my favorite childhood memory is riding in the jeep with my dad and listening to him sing "Stagger Lee".  Those were the days...

I met Darren when I was in middle school.  We were friends for years but not really outside of our youth group.  When I was about 16, I started to have an innocent little crush on this flirtatious soccer/baseball playing carefree guy.  I even had a dream that I would marry him.  The crush became mutual and the first time he kissed me, I said "It's about time" :)  6 years later we were married (April 21, 2007) and now have been married for almost 10 years.  Through the years, we've definitely grown up together.  He's my best friend.  I miss him when he's not around.  He makes me laugh and he makes my heart smile.  He knows what I'm thinking just by my facial expressions (which by the way are pretty much an open book).  To say I've been blessed to have the opportunity to love this amazing man is an understatement.  He's a hard worker and he makes me feel loved and protected.  I'm a lucky girl.  He's also an amazing daddy to our sweet little boys.  It was always hard to imagine that I could possibly love him more but seeing him now with our kids.... well... it's awesome.

We've had an interesting past few years.  Drastic decisions always lead to lessons learned.  Hard lessons.  Lessons that have made us step back, relinquish control and let God do His thing.  We've moved a "couple" of times (rented our house out, moved in with the inlaws for almost a year, then into an apartment, condo, bought a townhouse, sold the townhouse, moved into my parents' basement, whew!).  I had major surgery (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy- 2013) after years of not being able to lose weight on my own (see progress page).  Darren had a couple job changes, as did I.  So we will continue to make decisions (preferably after much prayer) and we will surely learn more lessons.  But that's what life is about.

We were married for 7 years before kids came into the picture.  This wasn't necessarily by our choice.  For years, we wanted children.  We sat back while all our friends were having kids.  We were heartbroken and often asked God "why not us?".  But, man oh man, does God know what He's doing.  I can look back over those years now and see the "why".  We weren't ready!  We weren't ready to sacrifice ourselves or for the responsibility, among other things I'm sure.

So now, we are insanely blessed with 2 amazing little boys.  When Maddox (our firstborn) came along, I felt like my heart could explode.  I look at him often and think "Lord, thank you for this amazing miracle you've blessed me with".  Now... he's 2 so, of course, he has his typical 2 year old moments but he is the sweetest and funniest and cutest kid I've ever come across.  I'm allowed to say that... I'm his mama.  Then 21 months later, we were blessed with baby #2... Sawyer.  I was scared out of my mind to have 2 so close together but I can't imagine life any other way.  I love watching these boys grow and I'm so happy to be their mama.

So from here....I will keep working on me.  I will work hard to accomplish my many goals and dreams.  I will decorate and be proud of whatever home I'm in at the moment.  I will strive to be the healthiest and fittest I've ever been.  I will be a better wife, a better friend, and a better person all around.

Feel free to stick around and see where this life takes us.  I'd love to get to know you as well.


  1. I just found your blog!!
    I am so excited!
    I am now following!
    I am looking forward to keeping up!!!


  2. I'm just loving your blog here! Where are you located (since you said you are in the South.. me too!)?

  3. I met my husband in middle school too! I love your blog, also I love how many photos you have of yourself, I need to work on that. I think I might join you in the self portrait challenge! Have a wonderful day =]

  4. Just found your blog after noticing your comment on the Nester's blog. We seem to live in the same area! Looking forward to checking everything out around here. :) Take care!