Friday, November 3, 2017

Five on Friday: What's On Our Christmas Lists?

I always think it's fun to see other people's Christmas lists... either for themselves or what they are getting for others.  I actually find some of the holiday guides people make pretty helpful sometimes.  So, I'm jumping in with Five on Friday with some things on our Christmas Lists.  Please note.... these are purely selfish wants and nothing else lol (and yes, there are some affiliate links).

{ONE} Maddox... 3 years old

1- Bike | 2- Helmet | 3-Kaleidoscope | 4-Usbourne Big Book of Dinosaurs | 5- Usbourne I'm a Dirty Dinosaur | 6- Usbourne Wipe Clean Book- Beginning Pen Control | 7- Cars 3 | 8- VTech Kidizoom Camera | 9- Scooter

He's not getting all of this because I don't really want to go crazy for Christmas since he also gets so much from family.  He also already has SO many toys.  We are definitely getting the bike.  This will be his first bike.... so a dino helmet is a must, right?  I've already got the Usbourne books in and they are so perfect! I can't wait to give them to him!  There are quite a few more than the ones I listed here.  I may do a separate post on them because they are just great :) The last two are things I've seen reviewed and recommended by people and I think they look cool.  Unfortunately Santa cannot fit ALL of this in his sleigh so it will be narrowed down a bit :)

{TWO} Sawyer... 16 months old

1- Musical Instruments | 2- Little Tikes Slide | 3- Stroll N' Trike | 4- Cozy Coupe | 5- Stacking Blocks | 6- 101 Dalmatians

Sawyer likes to play with all of Maddox's toys so it's been really hard trying to figure out what to get him this Christmas.  He does, however, show an interest in musical instruments whenever we go to Kids' Praise class on Thursdays so I definitely wanted to get him some of the ones he's familiar with using.  Everything else are just ideas for myself (and I guess whomever else may be looking at this) as I haven't quite decided what else to get him :)  He is only 16 mths old afterall.... If you have other ideas, please, by all means... let me know :)

{THREE} Darren

1- Disc Golf Basket | 2- Guitar | 3- Survival Knife | 4- Bear Gryll's Survival Hatchet | 5. Panther's Polo | 6. Emergency Sleeping Bag | 7. Braves Shirt | 8. Curve Gift Set

Darren is a sporty, outdoors loving man.  So anything disc golf, softball, camping, hunting, fishing, "survival" gear related, he's good to go.

{FOUR} Me :)

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine

Darren told me he didn't want to buy me anything sewing related (insert frowny face).  And also... I need some clothes and I really like the trendy graphic tees right now.  I could be the queen of graphic mom tees with these pretties :)  And I have friends that can make a graphic tee look fancy somehow... I need to take lessons.  Even though there are 9 shirts, I think it's mainly from 3-4 small shops.  And they have even more than what I posted that I would totally wear :)  I think a few of these also have coupon codes on the regular so make sure to follow their facebook or Instagram.

And also.... if I were to dream a little (or a lot), I'd want one of these :)  Imagine where I could take my business with one of these bad boys (or something similar)! But with that, I'd also need the extra space and that is not happening any time soon.  haha.... oh well!

{FIVE} The Boys

What post is complete without a few pictures of my boys :)

Well... until next time ;)

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