Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016- Year in Review


January brought snow.  Not a lot but enough for NC.  It was Maddox's first official snow so that was fun.  I started a new position at work in marketing with some super awesome girls who would become more like family to me.  We also announced to everyone that we were expecting an amazing little surprise addition to our family. :)

Maddox at 16 months old.  So crazy to look back at these pictures.  He looks like a baby still.


March- We found out that our new little bundle of joy would be another bouncing baby boy.  Maddox got another haircut (exciting stuff right? lol)  Made a trip or 2 to the doctor thanks to a sick little boy.  Maddox said "I Love You" for the first time.


Maddox was 18 months old.  Was sick for an entire month and just missed being hospitalized for possible pneumonia.


Mother's Day.  Starting to pack up our house to get it on the market since we only had 2 bedrooms.

June... we went to a bear hunt party :) Had family pictures done with the whole family while my brother and his family were in town.  Maddox visited the splash pad for the first time.  Took him a few minutes to warm up to it but he liked it.  He got his first busted lip by climbing on something.


Turned Maddox around in the car.  He loved it.  Sold our house in just a couple of days and moved in to my parents basement.  Darren quit his part time job to focus more on school.  We worked on prepping for baby.


We welcomed the sweetest, most precious baby boy Sawyer into our lives and I can't imagine life without him.  We started taking Plexus products.  We bought a car a week before I found out I would be losing my job a month after returning from maternity leave due to a restructure in the company.



October was a very busy month.  Maddox turned 2 and had a fun party.  We went to a pumpkin painting party with Maddox's little friends (and ours of course).  I went back to work for a few weeks.


November... Thanksgiving, playdates with friends, photo shoots... busy busy.  Job loss kicked in.


December has been nuts. Parties, holiday festivities, lots and lots of sickness.  Financial hardships that would push me even closer to God.

Here's to Friends...

Among many things, 2016 has brought me some healing in the friendship area.  I've had a wall up for a long time because of different situations I've encountered over the years.  But this year, I've developed some friendships that I am truly grateful for. 

Here's to the future...

These precious hands hold my brightest future and I'm looking forward to watching my babies grow and learn this new year.

Here's to 2017...

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