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Maddox {21 months old}

Technically, he won't be 21 months for a few days but it was just too close to call it 20 months :)  Reality is beginning to set in that keeping up with these posts is going to be increasingly more difficult once baby Sawyer is here but I'm going to try my very best.  This is the only "baby book" I have!  I want to try to keep it going for Sawyer too.  Wish me luck right?

Maddox at 20 months old (according to the doctor)...
Weight: 36lbs (99% haha)
Height: 33.5in (50-75%)
Size: 24mths/2T
Teeth: 20

I've tried to keep up with new words as he says them which is starting to become difficult because he is getting a pretty extensive vocabulary for a toddler.
~Old words (words he was saying before 15 months): Kitty, Dog, Ball, Mama, Daddy/dada, Nana, Papaw, shoes, cheese, no, bath, uh-oh, yay, baby, thank you, wa wa, nose, bottle, hi, hey, hello, bye bye, gin gin, quack, book, cookie, dis?, eat, block
~(between 15 months and 18 months): Bus, milk, block, eyes, truck, mouth, please, bless you, silly goose, ravioli (almost), belly, frog, sock, love you, peaches, yeh, fish, horse, mouse, bug, up, read it, rabbit, apple, elephant (almost...you know what he's saying anyway), monkey, ribbit, baa, neigh, bird, bee, wash, wow, owl, choo choo, cracker, amen, all done (he does the sign for this when he says it too.... so cute), sandwich (almost lol), yellow
~New words (between 18 months and 21 months): ride, oh bumpers (I thank Chuggington for this one), nugget, noggin, zebra, head, chin, cheek, toes, feet, spider, boogers, shake, worm, almost, easy, pictures, wagon, buggy, red, blue, airplane, George, Addison, pineapple, Gammy, hot, calls bicycles and motorcycles both "sickle cycle", church, Mickey Mouse, airplane, crayon, color, Sophie, Copper, I Don't Know, sleeping, nap, diaper, breakfast, oatmeal, hot dog, sit down, Here you go, night night, people, stairs

~He's starting to put words together in 2 or 3 word sentences.

~He likes to list people out and tell where they are...  Dada working, Papaw working, Nana home, Gammy home.  It's really cute.

~He is obsessed with Curious George but also likes Clifford (calls him Tifford), Chuggington, Chuck and Friends, and Daniel Tiger. 

~Went to the splash pad at Stallings Park for the first time.  He was apprehensive at first but warmed up to it pretty quickly and then didn't want to leave.

~We moved and he is doing really great with the transition (thankfully!).

~When he walks in a room, he'll say "Hi Mama!" (or Hi to whomever is in the room) in the sweetest voice.

~I think he has a back molar coming in.  He can be a little bit of a bear.

~Really despises having his diaper changed.  Always a battle.

~We don't have a bathtub where we are living now... just a stand-up shower.  He actually does pretty well with it and it makes it go a lot faster too.

~Waiting to even attempt potty training.  For one, he shows no interest and two... I don't want a potty training toddler and newborn at the same time.  Yikes!

~Picks up his food and hands it to you when he's done.  You have to pay attention that that's what he's trying to do or else it will end up in the floor (not that I know this....)

Lots of pictures! Didn't get any with my real camera recently.  Need to do that once more before Sawyer makes his grand entrance :)

May 6, 8, 8 "Happy Mother's Day"

May 8, 9, 11

May 12, 12, 14
*Takes everything in me not to grab the spoon back and clean him up!

May 14, 14, 16

May 18, 18, 20
*Thinks he's big stuff crawling up there by himself.  We ended up taking the ottoman out of the room because he fell and hit his head pretty hard.

May 20 (all 3)

May 24, 25, 26

May 26, 27, 27

May 28, 29, 29
*Strong boy
*Those are big shoes to fill baby!

May 29, 29, 30
*My entire heart right here.  Is that not the sweetest?
*"Hi Mama"

June 1
*Likes to bounce up and down on your leg.  Quite the workout with a 36 lb kiddo.

June 1
*His little hand on mine.... does my heart good.

June 2

June 3

June 3, 4, 6
*Soccer, baseball, golf... oh my.

June 6, 6, 9

June 9, 10, 11
*Figured out how to dump his whole tote of toys

June 13

June 17
*Another haircut :)

June 18, 18, 22
*What happens when daddy gives part of the bath
*Climbs up in the stroller on his own and says "ride!"

June 23, 24, 25
*Love me a sleeping baby picture :)

June 25
*The only pictures I took this month with the real camera.
*First time at the splash pad

June 27, 27, 30
*Evil kneivel took quite the tumble at Gammy's and got a busted lip/chin.

July 1, 5, 5
*I had given him a cracker before we got in the car and he was requesting another one.

July 5, 6, 7
*Feels successful when he gets the remote in his hand
*I'd say this is a snippet of what 13 years from now looks like
*This is a typical sleeping position for him... this and on his belly.

July 9
*"Papaw tractor!" Perks of living with family :)
*Helping with the move :)

July 9, 12
*He loves me... even if he does crawl all over me and doesn't give me much snuggle time

July 12, 12, 13
*"I am Batman"

July 15, 18, 19
*Teach them young :)
*He loves to color
*Oatmeal... had to look away most of the time so I wouldn't take the spoon back

July 19 (all 3)
*I put several of Maddox's birthday gifts aside so I could pull them out later and he'd have something new to play with.  Glad I did because I really needed a distraction for him tonight while Darren was working in the other room.
*Sorry kiddo.... too much junk in your trunk and you get it from your mama :) 

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