Saturday, February 6, 2016

Maddox {15 Months Old}

Fifteen Month's Weight: 32lbs
Height: 31.5in
Size: 18-24 months clothes.  Size 5 diapers. 

It's pretty bittersweet that I have a full blown toddler.  He is non-stop all the time.  

I didn't want to make this post one big long paragraph so here are a few things about Maddox that have happened in the last couple of months or that I just want to remember for myself.

~He started walking on November 11... just 2.5 weeks after his first birthday.  I'm posting a video below.  The video is of his second set of steps as his first ended up with him face planting into the ottoman (oops!).  But I love it anyway and I've watched it numerous times.  I especially love the expression on Darren's face :)  He's a proud papa.

~Words: Ball
               Bottle ("bobble")
               Water ("wa wa")
               Nana (he will say this for his Nana but also a banana lol we'll have to work on that)
               Kitty ("kiki")
               Hello ("hewwo")
               Bye Bye
               Gin Gin (we call his stuffed giraffe Ginger and that's how he says her name)
               No No No (mmhmm....)
               Quack (doesn't exactly come out like that but he knows a ducky says quack quack quack)
               Thank you (doesn't happen often but I have heard it enough to claim it lol)
               Book (sounds like "bookt" lol)
               Bath ("bat")
               Dis? (hah)

~Favorite toys: balls, blocks, books, anything that shakes and makes noise, his remote control car (he hasn't figured out the remote part but he likes to push the buttons), remotes (ANY remote), telephones.

~Has 10 teeth, including 2 top molars.

~He'll hold something up to his ear and say Hello or Hi like he is talking on the phone.

~He's definitely attracted to technology.... any technology.

~Had his first double ear infections (first ear infections period) in December.  Has another double ear infection now along with hand foot and mouth disease.  Thank you child care....

~He likes to be chased and giggles so hard when you are chasing him.

~Had to put our stair barrier back up.

~Moved up to the next class at school this week.  It was definitely bittersweet for momma but I think he really enjoys it and they actually do things like playtime, storytime, songs, art, etc.  (When I say school, I mean the 4 hours of child care he is in at my work while I work down the hall.)

~He'll bring me a book and turn around for me to pick him up so I can read it to him.

~He jabbers all the time and really sounds like he has something to say.  I think he's going to be quite the talker.  Not sure where he gets that from.

~He smiles at himself in the mirror.

~He has the best laugh and giggles when you tell him you can see his belly.

~Favorite books: touch and feel books, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, abc books, finger puppet books and a couple other random books (he has lots of them).

~He always takes his shoes off in the car and most of the time, his socks too.

~Rolls over on to my chest after his night time bottle and falls asleep on me (and I let him because I love it).  Thankfully he's not hard to lay down after he does that.  Although the whole bottle weaning thing is a little daunting to me.  He's off of all of them except night time.

~Wakes up talking to his animals and playing until one of us goes to get him.  Unless he's waking up from a nap and then sometimes he wakes up hangry :)

~Hears the back door unlock and immediately says "Daddyyyy" with a big grin on his face.

~He loves to eat but is a little texture picky.  He spits out most chicken, scrambled eggs, and meats in general.  Loves bananas, cheese, crackers, most all fruits and lots of other stuff.  Still working on some good finger foods. Also doesn't like tortillas or pizza.

~Sometimes when I'm feeding him, he'll grip the spoon with his teeth and grab on to it with his hand.... making quite a mess by doing so.  Have to work on my patience with that one.

~When you lean your head in close to his he'll lean his the rest of the way.  Sometimes he'll take his hands and touch my face.

~Will give me random hugs and kisses and I eat them up.  When he hugs you, he lays his head against you and pats you on the back.  Seriously.... your heart explodes.

~Ask him if he wants to play with his toys and his response is "ball" lol

~Loves being around people and watching other kids but also plays awesome by himself at home.

~Likes to dump the blocks out of their box and put the box on his head (silly boy).

~He does this little dance bounce thing and throws his head back like he's just really enjoying the moment lol

~Chunks blocks across the room out of the box.... everyday.

~Social butterfly.  Everyone loves him and he loves almost everyone.  We've been to the park a few times and he quickly makes friends (usually with the girls that are 4 or 5 years older lol).  His social-ness has made me have to step out of my comfort zone and make small talk with strangers who comment on his adorableness.

~When you sing twinkle twinkle little star to him, he will hold his hands in the air and open and close his hands like he's making twinkle stars.

~Will sometimes tell you what a cow, lamb, and horse says but not consistently yet.

Here are LOTS of iPhone pictures from the last couple of months.  I forgot to write down some of the dates before I threw them away.... oops.

October 31

October 31

November 3

November 5

November 8

November 8, 9, 10

November 13, 13, 15

November 15, 18, 19

November 22, 23, 24

November 25, 27, 28

November 29, 30, December 1

December 1, 1, 2

December 4, 5, 7

December 12, 12, 14

December 16

December 16

December 16

December 16, 21, 22

December 23, 24, 25

December 26, 28, 30

January 2
January 3 and 4
January 10 and 12

January 14

January 16 and 19

January 21 and 22

January 27 and 28

January 29, 30, 31

January 31

February 1

February 2 and 5

Snow fun... well the only kind of snow our area NC really gets (ice with a little snow mixed in)  Maddox's first "real" snow. January 22 & 23, 2016

 He took a tumble when he ran off down the driveway.  He wasn't a big fan.

Of course the only time I get a good smile out of him, there's a trashcan right behind him lol oh well... take what you can get sometimes.

He doesn't take good pictures with me.  boo.

These are some of the pictures I took for our announcement.  He is such a happy kid.

This one is my favorite :)

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  1. Not sure if you remember me but we got married around the same time and use Kristin Byrum as our photographer too. Anyhow I just wanted to say congrats and your son is adorable!!!