Thursday, January 7, 2016

Five on Friday {Drool Bibs and life in general}

{ONE} Drool Bibs and More 
    Maddox is such a drooler.  I constantly have a bib on him.  The bibs they sell at the store are just kind of ugly to me and I figure if I had to look at them all day long, I might as well learn to make some that were cute.  I found a couple patterns for these cute bandana bibs online and adapted it for Maddox.  They are so stinkin' cute!  I played around with some different fabric choices and found that fleece is the best backing material to keep his clothes dry.  He has at least 15 or so of different patterns and such.  I decided... hey, why not see if anyone wants to buy them for their little one?! I'm thinking about opening an etsy shop but I need to make more so I can take pictures and all that jazz. 

   I thought if anyone reading this wanted one... well, you can just shoot me an email (  I'm making them for $7 each or 3 for $18. 

 I'm going to start working on a couple baby blankets here and there as well.  We'll see :)
  Here are a few pictures of ones I've created recently and of course my cutest little model ever.


{Two} Holiday Crazies
     I feel like I am still in Holiday handover mode.  While my Christmas decorations are all packed away in the attic, Christmas gifts are still strewn about with no home to go to because I don't have any more space.  The abundance of toys.... oy vey!
{Three} 175 Shades of White
     Did you know there were so many shades of white?  Sheesh.  My mom is repainting my grandmother's dining room furniture for me to have and I decided I wanted it all white.  Now I have to narrow down the whites and hurry up and pick one already.  I've narrowed it down to Pure White, Snowbound, Hailstorm Gray, and Paramount White   .  I don't want it antiquey white or any white that may just look dirty and I don't want it stark white.  Ugh.  Just pick one already!
{Four} Maddox
    I have a blog post almost ready that is just about Maddox but thought I'd write something here since I always seem to include him when I actually remember to do Five on Friday.  We are currently working through nap issues.  I took a new position at work where I will work Monday through Friday 9-1 and he will be in childcare/preschool in the same place.  This week has been the first full week and we are both having to get adjusted.  We get home by 1:30ish and he falls asleep in the car.  So now I'm dealing with the dilemma of, do I just take him in and lay him down even though he'll wake up in between and cry? Or do I bring him in, feed him a snack, let him wind down and then put him down (where he will still cry)?  Ugh.... This parenting thing.  I'm really just wingin' it.
{Five} It's The Weekend!
    I'm so very happy to not have to work weekends anymore! I think tomorrow we are going to go set a crib up at my parents and prepare for Maddox to spend his first night at someone else's house without us.  Not sure that it will happen this weekend but soon.  Pray for me! lol I'm sure I'll have a harder time with it than he will.
Well...that's all I've got for now ;)

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