Monday, November 9, 2015

Maddox {ONE Year Old!}

Twelve Month's Weight: 29lbs 1.5oz
Height: 30in
Size: 18-24 months clothes.  Size 4 diapers. 

~8 teeth (4 on top and 4 on bottom)
~Super strong jaws.... trust me... he's bitten me lol
~Cruises around everywhere
~Jabbers a lot and sounds like he's having a conversation with you
~He has the sweetest demeanor
~Takes a few minutes to warm up to new people but then he'll flash his smile at you
~When he's done with his bottle at nap or bedtime he rolls over on me and lays his head on my chest to snuggle with me {sigh...}
~When he sees his giraffe (Ginger), he says "gin gin gin"
~When he hears or sees a dog, he says "dah"
~He's doing so well in nursery even when only going once or twice a week for a few hours.  They love him there.  He's ridden around on the Bye Bye Buggy past me a few times and he just grins and maybe waves.
~If we are at home, he still takes 2 naps
~He's the size of an average 2 year old lol
~Likes pretty much everything he's eaten.
~He tries to shove a ton of food in his mouth at once so we can't just give him a plate of food or he'll choke himself.
~Finally found a sippy cup that works and he does really great at drinking water
~No more formula! Woohoo! He digs the whole milk cold out of the fridge.
~He loves yogurt.
~First vacation- St. Augustine area in Florida
~First bite of ice cream- He liked it (October 6)
~First time traveling further than an hour and a half.  That was a learning experience for all of us lol
~First time in the pool. (October 4)
~First time at the beach. (October 4)
~First Haircut on September 30.
~He is in the Gerber Baby Photo Contest for 2016!  Here is the link... you can vote everyday through November 24! His number is 313666 or you can put in Maddox and Indian Trail and it will bring him up.

Here are some pictures.  I didn't get a chance to do his last sticker picture.  My bad... there just isn't enough time and energy in the day.  Maybe I can do it in the next couple of days.  It will be close enough.  I'll post pictures from our trip to Florida and his first birthday party in separate posts and hopefully soon :)

September 25, 25, 28

September 28, 28, 29

September 29, 30, 30
1) 90% of what my iphone pictures look like because he's so fast
2 & 3) First haircut- He looks super sad but really he's just sizing the place up.

October 1, 1, 2
October 2, 2, 3
His first trip... anywhere.

October 3, 4, 4

October 5, 5, 5
First time in the pool.  We had access to one all summer but we had that stupid helmet and then naptime was right during the best times to go heat wise.  It is what it is.

October 6, 6, 8

October 10, 12, 12

October 14, 14, 18

October 19, 20, 20
He's seriously like a puppy dog begging for food if either one of us is eating on the couch.  The second picture is one Darren sent me while I was at work.  Is that not just pitiful?!

October 20, 22, 22
1) He loves books!
2) My puppy dog. Angry because I wasn't sharing. (spoiled much? I promise he's not malnourished)

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