Friday, October 9, 2015

Maddox {Eleven Months)

Eleven Month's Weight: The last time I weighed him at home was a couple of weeks ago and he weighed 29lbs.    
Height: ummm... idk?
Size: 18-24 months clothes.  Size 4 diapers. 

Once again, I'm late on posting.  Imagine that, right?
~7 teeth (4 up top and 3 down below)
~Pulling up on everything (started August 28 specifically)
~Crawling EVERYWHERE and fast
~Takes a couple steps with his walking toy
~Most days naps 1.5-2 hours in the mornings and 1.5-2 hours in the late afternoon
~He's such a ham
~Waves at people and sounds like he's saying "Hiiiiiiii" lol
~Can climb up the entire flight of stairs (with us behind him of course)
~We had to be creative and come up with a barrier for the stairs.
~He's tried lots of different foods.  He still has a little aversion to some textures but he tries them.
~He attracts the most attention from people.
~He has a smile that will melt anyone's heart and I have the feeling he will use that to his advantage in his teenage years.

August 25 (all 3)

August 25, 25, 26

August 27 (all 3)
*Always turns his vehicles upside down to play with the wheels
*Had a couple ladies at Walmart comment on what a pretty little girl I had lol
*Is that not SO sweet??

August 28, 29, 29
*Spent the weekend with daddy while I went to the beach with some friends.  Of course he decided that he would pull up for the first time since I was out of town but Darren caught a picture.

August 29, 30, 31
*He's in to EVERYTHING

September 1, 1, 2

September 2 (all 3)
*Baby barrier at work

September 3, 4, 6
*one stuffed animal is not enough apparently :)

September 7, 7, 8

September 8 (all 3)

September 9, 10, 10

September 11, 13, 13

September 13, 14, 14

September 14, 15, 15

September 15 (all 3)

September 15, 16, 17

September 18 (all 3)

September 18 (all 3)
*"I am Batman"
*And obviously his Halloween costume will not have anything that has to stay on his head because he is not a fan.

September 19, 20, 20

September 21- Meeting Mia for the first time :) His future girlfriend...

September 21
We met up with Limary and Mia in Greensboro which is halfway between us.

September 22, 23, 24

September 24
*Impromptu playdate with his buddy Bryson.  Bryson is 9 days older than Maddox.

September 24
*Yet another baby barrier :)

September 24
*Sweet baby <3

Time has gone by oh so fast

Auntie Limary :)

"Get this baby away from me" lol poor Mia... Maddox is very hands on.

This is his "I know I'm not supposed to be over here" face

I love him.  He's such a little ham.

Such a sweetie

Does this not look like he's laughing at his own joke and Bryson is like "it wasn't THAT funny..." lol

Sweet boys

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