Thursday, September 10, 2015

Maddox {Ten Months}

Nine Month's Weight: I'm going to guess and go with 28-30lbs.    
Height: 28in maybe more by now.... idk
Size: 18 months clothes.  Size 4 diapers.  It's crazy how fast he grows out of clothes! I can't keep up!

I'm so late on this! He's like 10 and a half months now but I'm trying to keep up with things accurately.
~Claps his hands when you sing "If you're happy and you know it".
~Trying to give him different foods... lima beans, green beans, broccoli, chicken, cheese
~5 teeth
~Started crawling for real and not just an army crawl
~Makes a smacking noise with his lips pursed together like a fishy face.

I'll have more in the 11 month post in a couple of weeks because quite a bit happened between turning 10 months and now.  He's growing SO fast! It's fun to watch and experience but man it's bittersweet.

July 21, 21, 23

July 23, 24, 24
*Definitely wish the snuggly fall asleep in my arms thing happened a little more often!  It's very rare.

July 26 (all 3)
-Somehow I put the bunny back.
-The car was parked and off and we were in a neighborhood.

July 28, 29, 30

July 31, 31, August 3
*I love a sleeping baby!
*Isn't that the coolest swing ever?!
*Such a big boy! Got a new seat this month.

August 4 (all 3)
I love this kid....

August 5 (all 3)
He has the biggest yawns lol

August 5, 6, 6
-Darren snuck this one of me reading to Maddox

August 7, 7, 9
-Took a trip to Petsmart.... free entertainment :)

August 11, 11, 12
-He's serious about his puffs
-He gets in the weirdest positions

August 12 (all 3)
-He was so proud of himself for standing up.  He wasn't pulling up at this point though.

August 12 (all 3)
-I got a little camera happy that day apparently

August 14, 14, 15
-I try my best to keep his toys picked up and he enjoys pulling them out of the basket in the mornings.
-Wants so bad to pull up (at least when this picture was taken)

August 15 (all 3)
Bedtime snuggles.... usually means rolling all over me in the recliner and stopping for a second to lay his head on my chest or shoulder.  I have to breathe in deep and just soak up that split second that he stays that way before he starts squirming again.

August 18 (all 3)
-He loves books and likes to turn the pages.
-Who needs toys when you can have a box?
-He always turns his Tonka truck over and plays with the wheels.

August 18 (all 3)
-Loves touch and feel books.

August 18, 18, 20
-Just capturing whatever I can get.

August 20 (all 3)
-He's not always amused by my selfies.

August 21, 21, 23
-On the mornings that Darren has to take Maddox to my mom's because I have to be at work really early, he always sends me a picture and says "good morning mama" and if that doesn't brighten your day a little...I don't know what will :)

August 24 (all 3)

These were all taken around August 28 so technically a little late but oh well... I'm just glad I got them done.

He really is a beautiful baby.  I get told that ALL the time by random strangers.

Who doesn't love Pat the Bunny?!

I can't handle the cuteness :)

He does this all the time! And things it's funny when you do it back to him.

Slow down baby boy.... you're growing TOO fast!

These should definitely be on the walls but who has time for that? I thought it was sweet that he crawled over and put his hand on picture Darren.  It's like he was sayin' "Hey Dada".

That's all I've got! The past couple of weeks has been a little crazy.

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