Friday, July 17, 2015

Five on Friday

Another week has come and gone! Crazy how fast time flies.

Party Planning
   Evidently, I'm the family party planner.  Right now, I'm planning a going away party for my brother's family as they prepare to move to Texas (halfway across the country! sheesh!).  I've never planned a going away party before.  Any fun suggestions?  I'd like to do something nice that they can take with them.  I was thinking of some way that people could write notes to them that they can take.  I guess I need to go search around on Pinterest.  I only have 2 weeks left and the party is on a tight budget.

Speaking of Party Planning
   I can't believe I have to start thinking of a first birthday party already.  This makes my heart hurt! I'm trying not to think about how fast Maddox is growing up but I know I also have to plan ahead for certain things.  I'm of course going to go with a baseball theme for this first one.  I just have to figure out where to have it.  Our house is definitely not big enough and it's toward the end of October so you never know what the weather is going to be like.  Plus we will be going to the beach earlier that month so I need to keep costs super low. 

   Sometimes it's hard to juggle everything.  Keeping Maddox, working part time, trying to get my business going, and having time for my marriage, exercise, house, myself (and add in budgeting and party planning, etc etc).... it's exhausting.  I'm trying to remind myself to live life one day at a time.  "Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself".  That's hard to do when you are a planner.  When I do have time to myself at home (either when Maddox naps or goes to sleep at night), I find my brain so jumbled that I can't focus on getting anything done.  There are so many things I want to do but really I just end up napping or staring off into la la land (productive, right?).  Does anyone else do this?  I really need to figure out a better system to make good use of my time.  Or maybe what I really need is a vacation! :)

Moving to Wordpress
   I have Wordpress and hosting with bluehost for my business website.  When I signed up, I went ahead and chose the option where I can have unlimited websites and domains.  I really want to make the switch to Wordpress for my blog but I have no idea how to go about doing this without losing everything I've done so far.  Any suggestions?  Also... right now I have my domain through google and I can't for the life of me figure out how to log in to get my domain information.  It's SO frustrating!  I kind of just want someone else to do it for me and tell me when it's done lol  I'm still having quite the learning curve with Wordpress in general but I think it's more customizable and I like that.... I like control :)  lol

Hair Styles
   I NEED a new hair style.  I haven't had anything done to my hair since the week after Christmas.  It's the longest it's ever been.  While I love having it long, I have to keep it in a pony tail because Maddox grabs at it by the handful and the kid has quite the grip.  Also, I haven't been taking any vitamins and I guess my hormones are wack because I've been losing quite a bit of it.  So... I was perusing Pinterest and found a couple styles that I like.  I like my hair dark but I was thinking maybe some "highlights" of some sort would be good too.  And I know that you can never really go by the picture because they use a ton of product to make it look the way it does.  I can get the product to make it look good if I know what to get and when and what to use.  So...what do you think?  My hair is pretty fine.  You can kind of tell from the pictures of what I gravitate to style wise... except for the last 3 that would be a little crazy for me and I wouldn't do the blond thing... just looking at the style.  I really like the first one, fourth and fifth.  Thoughts?

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