Friday, July 10, 2015

Five on Friday

I haven't participated in Five on Friday or Oh Hey Friday in some time so thought I'd jump back in there!

Blogger Social
     So I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and attending a Charlotte blogger/event planner social gathering at a country club in a couple weeks.  It's completely out of my element but I'm trying to stretch myself and I really want to meet some new people and network some.  I live in a little bubble right now :)  It's easy to put yourself out there when you're just writing behind the computer but actually meeting new people can be difficult for me.  Anyone else this way?

Melissa Smith Designs
    If you are in the Charlotte area, now is a great time for family pictures (or senior pics or new headshots or pictures of your sweet babies)!  My website is up now.  I've still got some tweaking to do to it.  It was definitely a learning curve for me.  Check it out!  I'm also on Facebook.  I have a session next weekend and a couple other sessions coming up so I'm hoping to add a blog portion to my website to showcase those.  I'm hopeful and excited for the future.

My sweet Maddox
    Baby boy got his DOC Band off for good yesterday.  Yay! It was a LONG 12 weeks! Whew! I'm going to do a separate post on it I think once I get the comparison pictures because the difference really is pretty crazy.  Now he just has to try not to bump his head on the crib rails and other things since he doesn't have that protection.  And what's a post about Maddox without pictures?

     Thanks to the kind generosity of a friend, we are actually going to be able to take a vacation this year.  We are going to Florida in October and I can't wait!  That means I have 3 months to get my butt in gear.  While we are down there we are going to be able to meet up with a dear friend of mine from high school that also does photography so we are going to swap beach sessions :)  yay! I'm super bummed though because we were going to try to recreate one of my favorite pictures (that this same friend took) that we did down in Daytona with the ferris wheel in the background at sunset but they just took it down!  Boo!!
Ladies' Night Out
     For the past several months, the ladies in my church life group class have set aside one night each month and gone out as a group (without husbands and children).  It has been so much fun!  Most of us (with exception of some great newbies) have been in class together for 10 years (woah! that's crazy to think about!) and while we have developed friendships with each other along the way, sometimes it's really hard to get to know each other when you just see them on Sundays and an occasional fellowship.  So the night out has been really great.  We've liked it so much that we are taking a ladies' beach trip at the end of August and I am so excited!  We go to a rather large church and really the only way to make it smaller is to become involved in a sunday school class or "life group" as we call it.  I encourage anyone who goes to any church to get involved in a group like that.   
Well...that's all that's up right now (well...that I'm going to share anyway lol everything else is same ol' same ol' in my mind... "I'm out of shape, I should exercise" "man, being broke sucks").

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  1. Hi! I found you through the Five for Friday. :) We just came back from Florida. Do you have anything fun planned out? There is so much to do there!


    1. Hi Ali! We are going to St. Augustine so I'm sure we'll go into the old city one day but other than that, I just want to lay by the pool lol :)

  2. I've never been to any blogger events - part of the reason being that I'm nervous to put myself out there. Hope you have a great time at it! Also, I really like your photography website - it's fun and fresh and the colours are super inviting. Makes me wish I lived closer so I could use you as a photographer :)

    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate that! I'm nervous about putting myself out there but I think it will be good :)