Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Maddox {Seven Months}

We're kind of halfway to month eight already but oh well :)  This monthly post thing is difficult sometimes.  I wish I had more time to post more than just monthly.  I need to work on that. 

Seven Month's Weight: 25lbs  *based on home scales anyway.  What a workout, let me tell you...
Height: 28in
Size: 6-9 and 12 months clothes. Just moved him up to size 4 diapers today (wowzers! bought some Target brand to test out)
~Rolls all over the place and is fast.
~I think he'll be crawling really soon... possibly an army crawler in the making.
~Sleeps on his belly all the time... sometimes on his side.
~Says "ma ma" and so far that's all.
~Sometimes he'll wave his hand like he's saying hi but it's not consistent enough to where I think that's really what he's doing lol.
~Has been to child care at work a couple of times.  It's not exactly the best time of day because it's during nap time and he fights it like crazy.
~Sitting up pretty good on his own but still topples over.
~Ready for bed by 7.  I try to push it out a little but he's just SO tired and fussy.  I don't see the point when he's asleep by 7:30 and sleeps all night until about 6:30.
~He gets really thrown off schedule when I have to work my early shift.  He won't seem to nap a really good nap unless he's in his crib (or maybe the car).  But we're both adapting for the time being.
~Almost done with that stupid helmet.  I know it's doing good things but man I'm so ready for it to be off for good!  We have another appointment next week so we will find out how much longer.  I've had to take him for adjustments every 10-14 days which I think is a little ridiculous but what do I know.
Here are pictures from the past month :)
(May 2, 3, 4)

(May 5, 6, 7)

(May 7, 9, 9)
First ride on the tractor/lawn mower (apparently it's something southerners keep up with lol)

(May 11, 11, 12)
We spend a lot of time on the front porch.  It's starting to become to hot though :(

(May 14, 14, 15)
Baby faux-hawk :)

(May 15, 15, 17)

(May 18... all 3) *Note to self...don't hold the baby in the air over your face... blech! 

(May 21, 21, 22)
*Is that not the cutest open mouth grin you've ever seen??

(May 23, 24, 29)
*He had a cold that caused his eye to swell up :(

(May 29, 29, June 1)
I love to watch him sleep.  Next to watching waves, it's one of the most peaceful things.

(June 2, 2, 3)

(June 5, 6, 8)

(June 8... all 3)

(June 9... all 3)
middle picture is... reality lol

(June 9... all 3)
this is what our selfies end up looking like.  I think I have to take like 20 to get 1 decent one lol

So bittersweet...
These are all pictures that I did today.  I was late on the actual 7 month picture but he had a bad cold and his eyes were all puffy and then time just got away from me.  Oh well.  Better late than never :)

Oh this face :)

Proof "ma-ma" was first lol
Daddy makes him laugh the most.  Isn't that the sweetest sound ever? :)

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