Friday, February 13, 2015

Five On Friday

My Five On Friday are mainly about Maddox and my future design business because that's where my mind focuses a majority of the time :)

Happy Valentine's Day!
I mean come on! Are these not the cutest pictures ever? Is my baby boy going to hate me one day when I include this on his wedding slideshow? lol That's what you get for being a photographers kid honey... hate it for you!  He did think it was funny when I was putting all those lipsticked kisses on him though.  Do you do anything special for Valentine's Day?  We typically don't go out to dinner anywhere.  I'd honestly rather go out on a night where I don't have to wait over an hour just because that is when EVERYONE decides to go out plus it's on a Saturday which means it will be even busier.  So I'll chill at home with my two loves... nothing wrong with that!

Ladies... you are welcome ;)

This kid...
I'm not really sure what this look was for but I love his facial expressions.  I have a very open-book kind of face which is a blessing and curse all in one lol It keeps me honest at least.  I think maybe he will have the same.  Excuse the mess in the background... we are in transition.
We don't have any doors between our living room and where Darren's office is set up any more so when he is working at night, Maddox and I have been chillin' in our bedroom watching Netflix.  I think he likes Gilmore Girls.... which by the way, I've never watched a full episode so I really had no idea that Melissa McCarthy or Chad Michael Murray were in it :). What are your favorite shows to watch on Netflix?

I've been playing around with a logo for my design business.  What do you think?  I want to design word art and printable and such and sell them on etsy.  I'm also considering doing logos, etc.  I wanted to keep mine simple.  When I start back into photography, I will basically use the same logo and just add "Photography by..." or something like that to it.  My entire branding will incorporate other colors as well.  I just didn't want to overload the logo itself.

I decided to splurge and get the desk that I really wanted.  Well ok...I only decided that because my mom helped me out a little bit because I didn't have enough Christmas money so I was going to settle for something else.  I love it already!  My workspace is pretty open to everything else but still in a separated space if that makes any sense (maybe it will in my next post...).  So I still have to paint my space and do some organization.  I also need a chair but I don't know what kind I want yet.  Any ideas? I don't really want the typical rolling desk chair.  I don't have internet hooked up to it yet (hopefully this weekend) so I'm having to edit pictures on my PC and move them to my surface to blog (third world problems...).  I'm not keeping that picture there (although it is one of my favorite... Thanks Kristin Byrum).  It just got randomly placed for whatever reason.  I want to do white frames with some word art and pictures of the family in a collage of sorts.  I'm really excited to get it done but we have a LOT of other things to do so I'm not expecting it to be done really soon.  The desk is from Ikea in case you were wondering (Hemnes series). 

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  1. Oh my goodness that face!!!! I'll pay for his kisses any day <3 :)

  2. What a meaty little guy!! Too cute for words!

  3. He is so precious! Come on now Gilmore Girls is like the best show ever!!! Happy Valentine's Day gorgeous!

  4. So Sweet! Love the pictures and the kisses. !

  5. I love those pictures. Design is not one of my strong suits at all. Gilmore Girls is a great series for sure. I love Netflix.

  6. Possibly the cutest face I've ever seen.