Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Maddox {Four Months}

Four Months
Weight: 18lbs 8.5oz (95-97%) That's the weight of an average 7.5mth old by the way lol
Height: 24.75in (50%)
Size: 3-6 months clothes.

~I'm going to need to go shopping soon.  He's growing so fast and a lot of the 6 month clothes he has are summer time clothes because I had no idea he would be so chunky based on how he started out lol
~Has learned to reach up and pull the elephant ring on his play mat to make it play music.  Ok ok... maybe it's just coincidence but I'll go with the "I have the smartest kid" answer ;)
~Still not laughing really but we get really big grins and sometimes a squeal or two out of him.  He does like to "talk" though.
~Getting better at tummy time.
~Gets super mad if you aren't a couple steps ahead of him and ready with a bottle when he wakes from his morning and afternoon slumber lol
~Almost always has his hand in or around his mouth.
~Sucks on his pointer finger knuckle.
~I love that his sweet little personality is starting to come out.
~We lay him down by 8pm because he's just so tired.  He's usually asleep within a few minutes as long as he's not hungry :)
~He has quite the set of lungs on him and when he is not happy, I feel sure he wants the entire neighborhood to know it.  At least that's what it sounds like in my ears hah
~When he grins he'll bend his head down a little kinda like he's a little shy about why you just made him smile so big (if that describes it well enough.... hope so!)
~He rolled over for the first time on Monday (2.23) while I was taking his pictures and I thought it was just a fluke but today he rolled over 5 times (every time I would put him back to his belly).
~We might have an assessment for one of those lil' cranial helmet things if we can't correct some of the flatness ourselves.  He favors one side so it's not symmetrical.  While it is mainly cosmetic, it could cause issues with his jaws and things like that.
~No foods yet.  We might start that sometime this month.

So thankful for my iphone lol I don't think I'd have nearly as many pictures without it!
 January 20, 21, 23
 January 23, 24, 26
January 26, 26, 27 

 January 27, 28, 28

January 28, 29, 30 

January 30, 30, February 3 (always has to have his hands on his bottle) 

 February 6, 6, 8
*Baby-wearing, texting gammy lol

 February 8, 9, 9
 February 10, 12, 12
February 12 (all 3) 

 February 12, 12, 13
*that middle outfit is a 6 month outfit!

February 15, 16, 18 

February 20, 21, 21

And here are some real camera pictures.  I try not to torture him TOO much ;)
Shrinking giraffe? :)

Where did my tiny baby go???

I love happy, smiley babies

I love his facial expressions...

haha...I HAD to. (caption this...)

My little stud muffin.

oh be still my heart <3

 I adore this child

Built like a catcher... (so says daddy)

Those sweet blue eyes :)
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Master Closet Makeover (on a budget)

You know those closets that you see on Pinterest that look just amazing?  Well... I don't think they are realistic at all.  Especially when you are on a tight budget.  Our closet was not very functional for two people so we knew that was the first project we needed to go ahead and tackle.  So Friday, I pulled everything out of the closet.  Then, using paint we already had (aka, half a gallon of this, 2 samples of this and that, plus some white mixed in), I painted Friday night.  And by the way... this is the first closet I've ever painted.  It will definitely not be the last.  If you are planning on painting your closet... keep in mind you are in a very tight space and the fumes are a little crazy.  Darren worked all day Saturday trying to make everything work better.  We were able to reuse a little bit of the material that was in there but we knew we needed a shelving unit because we don't have a linen closet.  So after a trip (or 2) to Lowes and lots of sweat equity, Darren built some shelves and put everything back together the way we wanted it to go.  I think it's so much better.  We still need to figure out some shoe storage and some different lighting but that can all wait.  He did a great job :) I'm a lucky girl...

What does your master closet look like?  Do you need to make it function better?  

Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday

Maddox... my favorite subject
I figure why not start my Five on Friday with my favorite little guy :)  My dad is a Duke fan and we are Carolina fans.  In reality... the rivalry is the fun of it all.  So I took these pictures of Maddox and sent them to him :)  And how sweet is the quilt that my mother in law made for him before he was born?  I'm sure he'll cherish it forever.

Weekend Reno Project... Operation: Master Closet
I showed pictures in my last post of all the rooms in my house as before pictures.  I included what my master closet looks like with all our clothes and such in it.  It just doesn't work.  So I took everything out during naptime today to prepare it for when Darren gets home and I can paint it.  I really don't want to spend money on paint for a closet so I have some light gray leftover from Maddox's room and a couple samples of darker grays so I'm going to create my own color lol  Hey... it works and we are the only ones that see it, right?  We'll see what happens anyway.  I'll post when everything is finished.  Who knows if that will be this weekend or not.  I sure hope so because there are now clothes everywhere haha. 
Here are the pictures with nothing in the closet except for the shelves that were already there...

Office Supplies... the way to my heart :)
I'm a complete nerd when it comes to office/art supplies.  I want to start doing some drawing, word art, hand lettering sort of stuff.  Darren had a graph paper leather notebook that he got for taking a class at work and he so kindly gave it to me because he knows that love=office/art supplies lol  But seriously...he is the sweetest :)  And one of the blogs that I follow (By Dawn Nicole) posted about some cool pens that she got recently and really liked and I just happened to be in Target yesterday and walked by them and they were on sale.... so I bought them.  I'll let you know what I think. 

I started a Facebook page for Goal Minded Girl.  Feel free to hop on over and like my page :)  It's a slow process but I really am trying to make it bigger.
What's the weather like where you are?  I'm in the piedmont area of NC so right now, it's 24 degrees.  I'm a southern girl, born and raised.  I don't like cold.  If it's going to be this cold, it needs to just go ahead and snow so everything can shut down and we can enjoy a few free days at home.  Then it can warm right back up and go away until next year.  But that's just me :)  Plus...who wouldn't like to see some snow baby pictures? :)

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

So... We bought a house...

Yeh... it was a surprise to us too.  We have rented for the past couple of years with us both working full time (plus Darren working part time) then we had a baby and I quit my job, so the logical next step is to buy a house, right? lol  It was a little last minute.  It was one of those decisions where we started thinking that we really aren't at a time in our life (mainly financially) where we are going to be able to get the house that we want to make our long term home.  If that makes sense.  Neither of us wanted to get a place just to get a place so we started rethinking things.  We were renting in a great neighborhood that has really fast turn around with sales.  So one night, we said "hey, why don't we go check out a couple of the townhomes that are for sale right now".  Well... ok.  So the next day, we went to look at 3 townhomes.  And then we made an offer on one.  We accepted the counter offer and away we went.  When all was said and done, we made the decision to look at a house and moved into that house in just over a month's time.  Now you would think that is a very short amount of time... and it definitely is... but once you've made the decision, time kind of stops lol.

The townhouse is literally down the street from the condo we were renting.  We are so excited to own a home again.  To say we moved into a blank canvas... it is NOT an understatement.  The sweet owner was certainly lacking some color in her life.  I will have to take my time changing that but I most certainly have plans :). I've never had a white wall in my life!  Having them ALL that way is going to drive me nuts! Then add in white carpet and white counter tops and white appliances! Yikes! No... just no.

We started planning things before we even made an offer lol. Too bad it all adds up to like 15 grand (but that included new furniture and nice appliances).  It will be a SLOW process for sure.  We have to pay off debt at the same time we are saving a little to do different things.  We will definitely be prioritizing and doing some DIY projects.  Fortunately the house was very move in ready.

Keep in mind when you glance through these pictures below that we've only been here for a week and a half and last weekend we spent the entire weekend painting our rental back to a neutral color so no working on our house then.  Plus add a 3.5 month old into that moving process and wow...where does the time go?!

I'm really not sure which room I want to tackle first.  I wish I could just snap my fingers and it be done but unfortunately...that's not happening.  Maddox's room is actually almost done because I had a paintbrush in my hand within about an hour and a half of having the keys haha  I really wanted his room done that night (Wednesday) (and part of the next day) because I knew we were planning on sleeping there Friday night and I wanted the room to have time to air out a bit from the paint fumes before he slept in there.

One of the big reasons I liked this house so much is because of the natural light.  It really is great!  That was a top priority of mine.

So here we go... a mini tour of sorts...

The lady that owned this house had this first room set up as her formal dining room.  We decided we didn't want to go that route so it is now our living room.  Light fixtures are definitely on the "to change" list.  These pictures can also double as a "Where's Maddox" game. ;) White, white, white.  Blah.  Thinking of going a medium gray in here and eventually we will have "hardwoods" throughout the whole bottom floor.  That is probably our first big project (I think...).

This little room is what most people would use as a breakfast nook probably but why waste the space?  I needed a place for my computer so I can blog and create and eventually do some business.  As soon as all the stuff that has yet to find a home is gone, it will also be a good storage and play area for Maddox.  I think I'm going to do this room an aqua color.  Aqua makes me happy.  Add in a couple splashes of yellow and it's like a freakin' ray of sunshine.

Ahhh... the kitchen.  We have lots of plans for this kitchen.  I plan on painting the cabinets white this spring.  Change the countertops, add a backsplash, and get some new appliances and it has great potential. lol

This area does need quite a bit of help but we will get there eventually.  Darren's desk is there to stay because really there is no where else for it to go and he needs his own space for when he works at night.  We are considering getting a new dining room set which I would really love because that table is so small that it's really hard to have anyone over and enjoy a nice meal.  We'll see what comes of it.  (Where's Maddox?  haha)

You know... as much time as we have to spend doing laundry, I think it should be mandatory that every house have a good size laundry room that I could make into a place where I really don't mind being in.  But, for the time being... laundry closet it is.  Woohoo...

Like I said... I had a paint brush in hand within a couple hours of closing so I got Maddox's room done.  All we really need to do in here is get his mobile up, pictures, bookshelves, and monogram.  Darren was off yesterday thanks to the ice so he was able to get his closet set up.  He has a HUGE closet.  Really his whole room is a great size.  I would have LOVED to have had a room that big when I was a kid!  (Where's Maddox?!)
I have the feeling we are going to be shopping for some clothes soon though.  Most of the 6 month clothes we have are summery type clothes and the kid is not going to make it to summer before he is fitting in them lol  no way!

Our bedroom is a pretty good size also.  I think I'm going to paint it the same aqua that I had in our bedroom before (not that you would know what that was because I never showed it lol).  I really need some new bedding.... blah. (Where's Maddox?!)

We are re-doing the closet this weekend because this just does not work... at all.  Darren already has it drawn out how he wants it so I said "more power to ya".  I'll paint the room before we put everything up though.  We don't have a linen closet so we definitely need shelves.  He's going to move all the clothes to one side because who wants to shimmy down their closet sideways to try and find something? lol  (Don't worry... Maddox isn't in these pictures haha)

He got tired of being in my pictures as I walked around the house taking them so he decided it was nap time.  Isn't he the most precious little angel you've ever seen?  I really am beyond grateful for him and he's becoming more fun everyday as his personality starts to come out.  I could just cuddle with him all day and I'm thankful that I get to right now.
Anyways... that's all I've got.  I'll be sharing some ideas that I find (thanks to Pinterest of course!) for each room.  I'm excited to get going!