Thursday, January 22, 2015

Maddox {Three Months}

Three Months
Weight: 16lbs (based on me weighing without him then with him since he doesn't go back to the doctor until next month)
Height: 24.5in (again... based on our measurements)

~He is starting to get quite heavy.  Carrying him in the car seat is getting difficult. Probably just means I need to hit the gym.
~When he is crying, we can usually get him to stop by making airplane noises (or blowing raspberries... whatever).  Darren is much better at it than I am. I tend to stick with my shh-shh-shhing :)
~He's got some really great facial expressions and you can't help but wonder what's going on in that little head of his.
~He isn't quite laughing yet but his big open mouth smiles and coos are the best.
~I try to speak or sing to him in French every day.  I made his little puppy into "Jean Pierre Le Chien" and he talks to him.  He likes it.  Maybe he thinks it sounds funny.... idk.
~For a brief moment yesterday (while the house was quiet and Maddox was napping), I missed being pregnant.  Then he woke up and started crying and I got over it lol!
~He always has his hands near his face and we have to move them out of the way to feed him.
~He sucks on his knuckles.  Doesn't care about his thumb and keeps it tucked under his fingers.
~He HATES tummy time but he's getting a flat spot on the back of his head so we are going to have to torture him with it a little more often.  Hopefully he doesn't end up with the helmet.
~He's getting a little stronger in the bumbo. Still not quite there yet.
~He seems to know when it's time to us to eat.  He'll wake up or get fussy right when our plates are fixed.  Therefore, I can probably count on one hand how many times Darren and I have actually eaten together at the same time.
~For the most part, he's sleeping through the night.  We've had a couple nights where he'll sleep 8:30-7:30 and those are AWESOME! But then if his daily "schedule" gets thrown off and he's super tired at night, he might fall asleep earlier so I lay him down earlier and then he's awake at 4 or 5.  He'll typically go back to sleep for a couple hours after a bottle though.
~I can't get him to nap in his crib for some reason.  Hopefully that's just a phase.  He still naps in his boppy.  He takes a morning nap and afternoon nap (decent ones if I am lucky... if not, he's SO tired at night and a bit inconsolable until he just gives it up).

December 26, December 27, December 28

December 29, January 3, January 5

January 5, January 6, January 7 (he looks so small on our bed)

January 7 (first 2), January 8

January 8, January 9, January 12

January 12, January 13 (both)

January 14 (all three)

January 15, January 16, January 20

12 weeks

12 weeks (is he not the sweetest lil' butterball you've ever seen??)

3 months (13 weeks)

"Put me in coach"... this one was just for daddy :)

*swoon* love love love this little smile :)

I love his facial expressions

with Jean Pierre Le Chien ;)

Growing oh so fast.  Bittersweet.

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