Friday, January 16, 2015

Five on Friday

I kind of feel like life is in limbo right now so this week has come and gone without another blog post.   Joining up for the Five on Friday again and new to the Oh Hey! Friday link up... Here's what's going on in my head this week ( can be a scary place):

Blog and Design
  I want to move my blog over to Wordpress some time this year.  In order to do that, I have to first figure out how to do it without losing everything and then I have to figure out how to work Wordpress and get the design that I want.  I want to teach myself how to do it.  If I find that I like it... maybe I can make that into something.  Seeing what other people charge to create blog designs makes me want to learn.  Hey if they can do it, why on earth can't I??  I also want to work on some digital design work.  I've always loved planners and stuff like that so I want to create some digital files and put them on Etsy.  I will also create birthday cards, signs, etc.  I tend to think of everything in terms of "How can I make something of myself with this?" 
What sort of digital designs do you search for on Etsy?

    I am going to work on re-building my portfolio again soon.  I already have some "models" lined up and am very excited to get behind the camera again.  I probably won't be doing them until some time in February though.  If something comes of it, awesome.  But I would only make it a part time thing.  Like 2-4 shoots a month.  Something like that.  And NO newborns or weddings lol  I can direct people to some awesome photographers if they need those things :)  I am going to stick with little ones, families, seniors, etc.  Maybe even a birthday party or two.  We'll see. 

    Darren and I have shared a desk for over 2 years now.  He works part time from home and uses 2 monitors.  So every time I need to use the computer, I have to switch over the monitor to my computer.  It's annoying so I don't do it often lol  We've decided to part ways on the shared desk thing so I can have my own work space... especially since I'm home much more now and would like to start doing design work on the side.  Maddox is usually asleep in bed by about 8pm so that would give me a good 2 hours to work on stuff plus what I can do in the mornings before he's up.  I've done some perusing on Pinterest for ideas of how I can make a creative workspace (with very limited space to do it) and I've found a few desks that I like.  So here are a couple desk ideas I have so far.  I don't know exactly where it would be going so I'm not going to post my design ideas yet because I don't know what will work. I'm not looking for anything expensive and simple is probably best. 
Which one do you like best?

1. Big Lots    2. Walmart     3, 4, 5. Ikea

    I have found that I pretty much hate about 90% of "Today's Top 40" in music.  Unless I'm in the mood for country, I rely a lot on my friend, Pandora.  Darren read something the other day that said we gravitate to the music of our mid-teen years.  I have to agree with that.  Although I really love my Michael Buble station on Pandora, I am now listening to a station titled "90s, 2000s, Todays Hits".  While I would add a few artists to this list, it has been pretty good.  I have what I call "music memories" meaning I can hear a song and a memory from my past will pop into my head. Perhaps that's why we gravitate to music from our teen years.  Things were much easier then (@ least through my adult eyes). 
Anyone else feel this way?

   Of course :)  I spend every day with this sweet baby and yet he just changes before my eyes.  It's crazy... and bittersweet.  Today, I tried to take some pictures of him (with my real camera) but this was pretty much his feelings on it.  He made me aware very quickly that he wanted nothing to do with it today.  Hopefully he's more into it next week when I need to get his 3 month pictures :)  3 months!  Yikes! Wasn't it just yesterday?

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  1. Happy 3 months to Maddox. And you can find some pretty awesome tutorials on how to move to Wordpress by just googling or searching on Pinterest. I've learned a little code since becoming a blogger by DIYing it myself. I'm still learning and toying with the idea of taking classes in photography, coding and graphic design. They will definitely be beneficial to me in the long run.

  2. In terms of the desk, I prefer the first one. I work with Wordpress for our website here at work (and for my personal blog but that's a HUGE work in progress) and I like it. But I want to learn a lot more. I LOVE watching Maddox grow up. I hate that I didn't get to meet him before I moved.