Friday, January 23, 2015

Five on Friday

The Ultimate Bundles
I'm going to do a big post on this later today (so stay tuned) but I stumbled across the Humbled Homemaker's blog through Money Saving Mom's blog because I was drawn to anything with "how we paid off debt" or "how to live on one income" in the title.  Both of these blogs are awesome by the way.  Anyway, The Humbled Homemaker has this ebook collection called the Ultimate Bundle.  They are different bundles of ebooks that are offered throughout the year.  I ordered the Ultimate Healthy Living 2015 bundle earlier this month and it's really awesome.  A ton of good ebooks on different topics like healthy recipes, essential oils, exercise, etc etc.  Now there is a bundle out there called the Ultimate DIY Bundle.  How fun does that sound?!  It's only available for a few days though so if you are interested...don't delay.  I loved the bundles so much that I became an affiliate of the company.  You can order the bundle for yourself here.

Movie + Popcorn
So I went on Wednesday (by myself) to see Mockingjay finally (awesome movie btw).  Apparently, it's kinda hard to go see a movie when you have a baby... who knew.  I'm glad it was still in the theaters.  Anyways.  Since I was obviously seeing a movie that had been in the theaters for 3 months and it was a weekday in the middle of the day, I'm surprised I wasn't in the theater alone.  But I wasn't.  I was in there with about 10 other people.  And half of these people were popcorn eaters.  I'm not sure why movie=popcorn.  Let me preface all of this by saying that I really can't stand to hear people eat (which apparently really is a condition of some sort lol)

Have you ever noticed that there are different types of popcorn eaters? 
~You have the really quiet popcorn eaters who I think maybe also hate to hear people eat. (just a theory).  I don't mind these people. 
~Then, you have the handful eaters.  You know the ones... the ones who grab a handful of icky buttery popcorn and sling their head back as they toss several pieces of popcorn in their mouth at once. These are the ones that you have to see and hear at the same time.  Oy vey...
~The bag rattler where they dig down deep and loudly to get their popcorn. This usually goes hand in hand with the handful eaters which makes it even more annoying.
~Hmm... the single piece eaters.  The ones that pull out one piece at a time and loudly pop it in their mouth and crunch on it before they bother closing their mouth.

Ok...... enough about that. Haha

We got rid of cable in order to save some money when I left my job in December.  We have Netflix and that's been ok but there isn't much on there that I like.  I have Friends on at night just to give some background noise but for the most part, I just play Pandora all day which I guess is probably better anyway.  I do wish my smart tv had a CBS app though.  They have an all access offer so none of their shows are on Netflix and those are the only ones that I watched! I miss Scorpion, NCIS, and Big Bang Theory!  But we did find a new show that we like (SHIELD) and we watched the whole season so now we are waiting for season 2 to finish up and get on Netflix.  Guess we may be waiting a while.  I may get the CBS all access and just watch it on my surface.  But the thing is... I never really sit down and just watch tv (although I did with Scorpion).  I'm always playing on my surface or phone while a show is on.  Hmm...

Bad Lip-Reading of the NFL 2015
Seriously.  These make me laugh out loud and I could watch it over and over again.  Do yourself a favor and watch it...

A FREE printable
I love designing stuff so I figured why not design something and share it with everyone? Here's a quote that I like and a quick little printable that I threw together for your printing pleasure. (click on the picture for the link to where you can download the actual pdf)

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