Friday, January 9, 2015

Five on Friday {Random}

I haven't participated in Five on Friday in a long time and I'm trying to be more consistent in my blogging again.  So this is a link-up with other bloggers who are doing the same type of posts today.  It's just five things on your mind from the day or the week or whatever :)

My daily guilty pleasure, hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.  I really do put a lot of marshmallows but not as many as are in this picture.  I did that on purpose lol  I plan on kicking the sugar obsession very soon so I will definitely miss my hot chocolate.  And of course... every drink tastes better in a cute penguin mug ;)

Here are 3 of my favorite random apps on my phone right now... (and no, I'm not affiliated with any of them)

Camera + is a camera app that allows you a little more flexibility than the default camera on the iphone.  It allows you to adjust your exposure which I think is pretty cool.  It also has an option that waits until you are holding the phone steady to take the picture and it makes this little noise when it's about to click and that seems to catch the attention of little ears pretty well  lol
Snapseed is an editing app.  There are just some cool features that it has like being able to adjust sharpness and contrast and brightness of the picture.
Then there's the Walmart Savings Catcher.  This is within the Walmart store app but you just scan in your receipt and it searches other local stores.  If it finds another store that has an item you bought for less, it gives you that much money.  It stores the money until you request them to send you an e-giftcard.  Right now, we have about $44.  And for someone who is on a TIGHT budget and has to buy formula, I will say hallelujah when I have a few more dollars and it allows me to buy 2 large containers of formula.  lol  We've been using the savings catcher for several months now.  It's a slow process to get a decent amount of money but we also don't shop at Walmart all the time.
I, of course, had to include a picture of my sweet baby boy.  He has the sweetest smile and when you really get him going, his eyes will light up and he has a big open mouth grin.  When I kiss him on the cheek, he smiles with an Elvis kind of half smile.  I adore him.  I thank God for him multiple times a day, even at 1am (and maybe 4am, 6am... lol) when I get up to feed him.
I joined a ladies' Bible study on Tuesday mornings.  Our first class was this week.  It's going to be an intense study.  I haven't even started the "homework".  If any of you have ever taken a Beth Moore study... you know her studies are intense.  It was also the first time Maddox has gone into childcare.  I was really apprehensive.  Thankfully he's a pretty chill baby...especially in the mornings.  When I went to pick him up, he was the only one not crying (it was very obvious that it was either lunch time or nap time for the other babies that were in there).  Anyway...this is the study we are doing (below).   Even if you don't have time to do the homework (and who knows...I may not!), going to listen to the video is worth the time for sure. 

We have a pretty crazy thing about to go down that I didn't want to reveal quite yet.  We've told a few people but I'll announce it soon ( another month or so).  And NO, I am certainly NOT pregnant.  Whew, just thinking about that makes me a little queasy.  I don't know how women do it that have babies so close together.  It's not baby related at all (I PROMISE!).  But my mind is swirling in all kinds of directions with it and it will be great fun and somewhat stressful all at the same time ;)  Stay tuned for pictures...
Well...that's my five.  If you have a blog and want to participate, you can go to A. Liz Adventures blog for the link-up info :) 

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  1. Gotta love a cup of hot chocolate with tons of marshmallows on these freezing days. Your baby boy is precious, and I can't wait to hear your unrelated baby news. :)