Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Looking Back and Moving Forward...

   I wanted to take a minute to look back at 2014 in order to look forward to 2015.  It was certainly a whirlwind of a year.  Finding out I was pregnant and going through a pregnancy that was pretty smooth up until about 33 weeks then being in and out of the hospital a few times was hard.  Then my sweet boy was born toward the end of October and life is definitely not the same.  Being a mom has been the hardest but most amazing thing I've ever done in my life. 

   2014 is ending with me being unemployed for the first time in about 7 years.  We are going to give this stay at home mom thing a trial run.  We have plans up in the air... waiting on God to give us direction and show us His plan.  I look so forward to seeing what 2015 will hold.  I know there will be extremely hard times (because that's life...) but I pray the good times far outweigh the bad.

   So I made a few goals for 2015.  Without goals, you work toward nothing.  And putting them in writing makes them real.  So here they are...

1) Pay off the car.
     ~I hate car payments.  As much as it would be nice to, I don't need to drive a new car.  As a matter
       of fact, our "newest" car will be 10 years old in 2015.  I would much rather be payment and debt
       free.  Although all the fun new features would be nice.  Maybe one day I can just pay cash for a
       newer car after all my debt is paid off. (hey... gotta stay positive, right?)

2) Lose 45 pounds (also read exercise and eat healthy again).
     ~This may take a while but ideally, I'd like this to happen by my birthday in April.

3) Run a 5k (or ambitiously a couple).
     ~I'd also like this to happen by my birthday.  I almost made it to one at the end of 2013 but then
       we moved and things got all flipped around.  I stopped running and exercising all together then
       got pregnant and used that as an excuse because I was so extremely tired most of the time.  But
       2015.... I have no excuses.

4) Make new friends.
      ~Perhaps this one sounds a little childish but for some reason I just crave the opportunity to meet
       new friends.  Making friends as an adult is difficult.  I'm hoping to find a few moms that have
       babies about the same age as Maddox to hang out with and hopefully their husbands are cool too.
       (again... staying positive loll)

5) Do one random act of kindness a month.
      ~Preferably do them anonymously but I know that's not always possible.  I'm going to have to
      get creative given that my new job status is going to make life very hard financially.

6) Have a couple family photo sessions done.
       ~This one will also be difficult to do financially but maybe I could get a part time job somewhere
       to help with any extra stuff.  Hard to find a part time job that isn't retail.  I really don't want to
       work on the weekend since that is special family time to me but if I have to, I have to.

7) Get back into photography.
       ~I've thrown around the idea of starting my photography business back but I'm not quite there
       100%.  I have a lot to think through when it comes to that.  So for now, I will say to get back into
       photography period and try new things... think outside of the box and out of my comfort zone. 
       Maybe do a couple online photography challenges through the year and a self-portrait project

8) Do monthly pictures with Maddox.
       ~I'm sure this just sounds like a given but I'm including it so I could make sure to do it.  Seeing
       how much he has changed already in just two months makes me want to keep up with
       everything.  Being a photographer, it's hard to get past only wanting to work with the best light
       and seeing all the negatives about pictures that I take but really I need to put my mommy goggles
       on and just go with it.  I look back at pictures of myself from when I was a kid and the quality of
       those really suck but I'm thankful to have the pictures anyway.

9) Start doing my quiet time again
      ~I've let myself get so slack with this.  When we lived in our apartment (last year), I would get up
      at 4:45am and go down to the gym and run (or wog lol), get ready for work, and have plenty of
      time to do my quiet time.  I felt better when I did that.  I need to do it again.  I also want to find a
      women's Bible study during the week (during the day where they also have childcare).

10) Be content where we are or find a house that fits within our budget.
      ~When I say the "within our budget" part, it means the budget that comes with me staying at
      home with Maddox and not relying on any money I may or may not bring in.  With that will come
      a lot of compromise and sacrifice but I think I'm there.  I've always had a champagne taste on a
      beer budget... like cheap beer lol.  But having Maddox and having the desire to stay home with
      him grow exponentially when he was born changes my mind on things.  If we could find a house
      that at least has good bones and we could potentially fix it up a bit to make it ours, I think that
      would be awesome.  I would love for this to happen this year but if not, I'm going back to the first
      part of the goal... just be content.  We are in a nice condo in a nice neighborhood.  I've always had
      a problem with just being still and being content.

So what are your goals for 2015?  What are you going to do your best to work toward?  Do you reward yourself when you reach those goals? If so, how?


  1. Still working on my goals, but there will be MANY! That "being content" thing is one I need to work on for sure!

  2. These are some great goals! I hope you can complete them this year. One of my big life goals was to be able to run a 5K and I finally did it this past year, so I really hope you can make that happen! I haven't exercised in forever, so I need to make that a goal for me too!

  3. Great goals! Thanks for sharing. It's so important to be comfortable and content right where you are!