Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nursery... Just in time :)

I'm really excited to share these pictures.  I put a lot of thought into Maddox's nursery but I didn't want to share many things until I had it all put together.  I thought I would have a couple more weeks to finish it but I'm coming in with a day to spare :)  I'm sure that as I get pictures of him, that I will be adding some more frames to the walls but for right now, this is what I've got.  Obviously the teal frames (from Hobby Lobby) will hold a few of his newborn pictures that Kristen Hinson is doing so they are empty for now.

I tried really hard to keep this nursery simple but cozy as well as keep the costs down.  I really don't know how much we ended up spending on everything because we did it in bits and pieces since we found out we were having a boy.  That seemed to help a lot.  I'm actually not sure I want to add up how much it all costs because it adds up quickly. lol

So without further ado... welcome to Maddox's nursery :)

I picked out some fabric that I wanted to use.  Of course, it was a little pricey because I tend to have expensive taste so my mom and I figured out a way to just add pops of the fabric without having to get a ton of it.  My mom is amazing and made the window treatments (panels and black-out roman shades) and crib skirt for me.  She did a great job and I'm super thankful for it all.

This isn't the glider that I would have picked out but it will serve the purpose and we had enough gift cards to cover it... easy decision lol

I really love the color combo that we went with.  I'm not really into super babyish nurseries so I think this is a good compromise and can grow with him for a while.  I didn't feel like messing with my settings on these pictures so the random glow against the wall is a cute lamp from Ikea lol

I knew I didn't want a random mobile that I could buy at Target or whatnot so after lots of research, I found this.  And I LOVE it!!  It's one of the coolest things in the room and I love that I'll be able to use it later on when it's not a mobile.  I got it from Etsy from inthe2doghouse.  Rachel was really great to work with so if you are looking for something fun and unique for your nursery, playroom, kids' room, etc, go check out her shop.  She'll customize it to whatever you need.

This is the dresser that Darren and I both spent so much time refinishing.  It was my mom's when she was a kid and mine when I was a kid.  I know I've already put this on here but I'm really proud of how it turned out.

My husband is super awesome.  I showed him a picture of something that I wanted to buy for Maddox's wall and he says "why don't you let me give it a try first?"  Well, he certainly nailed it and I love the way it turned out and even more that he made it by hand just for Maddox.

Books are super important to me and I can only hope that I can instill that love in my children as well.  So I wanted a cute way to display some books but also be useful at the same time.  These are picture ledges from Ikea in case you were wondering ;)

The closet.  Clean and organized.  For now ;)

I got Darren to take a few pictures of me tonight to symbolize my last night before mommy-hood.  I'm being induced tomorrow evening so hopefully we will have a baby in our arms some time Tuesday morning.

The next time I post, it will be Maddox's birth story.  Hopefully it's not a dramatic one since I've already had a little bit of a dramatic ending to this pregnancy.  No more drama needed thank you very much!  Thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated :)

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  1. beautiful nursery!!!! And congrats on your bundle of joy!! <3

    Desiree @ Love Desiree