Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hello September

I know it's been a while.  I haven't really had anything to post about so I just haven't lol. I don't want to post the nursery until it's finished... which it's getting there :). My mom is working on the curtains and crib skirt and I just ordered a really cool mobile.  Still need to get a glider but one step at a time.  All this baby stuff adds up in a hurry and we still have a bunch of big stuff that we need along with most of the small stuff.  Whew.  I'm trying not to make a list as I'd rather not overwhelm myself hah. The nursery should be finished in a few weeks once I get the mobile in which is going to be super cute :)

I keep telling myself I need to take some maternity pictures but then I think about the effort that would go into it and it never happens :). We have maternity pictures scheduled for the end of September.  By then, I'll be about 33 weeks.  The doctor changed my due date without telling me after my last ultrasound so I'm now due November 6....which I thought all along but what do I know.

September will be a fun but busy month.  I have 3 baby showers (which I am SO grateful for and looking forward to!).  I really don't like being center of attention but baby showers are always fun :). The one weekend I don't have a baby shower, my nephew will have his 3rd birthday party.  Needless to say, we didn't do anything over labor day weekend.  Although, I would have been much happier doing nothing at the beach.  Oh well.

I just finished reading Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover.  Great book!  I really want to pay off our debt but since we have a little one on the way, Dave suggests not necessarily working on Baby Step 2 (debt snowball) but throwing whatever extra money there is each month into savings (aka not much) and then once the baby is here and everyone is safe and sound, take that money and throw it toward debt.  So... that's the plan.

Baby update... it's super weird to watch my stomach move on the outside from Maddox squirming about within.  Weird.... but cool all at the same time of course.  It's hard to believe that he's about 17 inches long now.  Sometimes I can definitely tell depending on what position he's in.  Sometimes I picture him fluffing up my intestines as a pillow or sometimes when he rolls, it feels like what I imagine the wall of a pool feels like when a swimmer is flipping to go back the other way and then kicks off the side lol it's comical.... but sometimes doesn't feel all that great lol. I can't complain though.

**So I wrote all of that last night before going to bed.  Then I woke up around 1am with super sharp pains in my upper right side that was right under my ribs and radiated toward my back and made it hard for me to take a deep breath.  My first thought was maybe Maddox was in a bad position and kicking his feet toward my lungs.  So I got up and ate a protein bar and a little bit of peanut butter in efforts to get him to move.  The pain didn't go away.  I was then thinking gallbladder. .I hung in there for almost 3 hours when I finally gave in and made Darren take me to the ER. I'm stubborn and it takes a lot to get me to go to the ER. So we arrived at the ER behind some lady that was super annoying.  The person at the front desk clearly didn't enjoy her job and stupid me didn't mention the fact that I was pregnant.  So we sat and waited for about 30 minutes before going back and when the lady asked what was wrong, I explained to her and then said "I don't have an appendix and I'm about 30 weeks pregnant".  "Oh... you're pregnant? We have to send you to maternity."  Well alright then, glad we waited for nothing.  Anyway, when all was said and done, they think that my diaphragm is expanding which can cause sharp shooting pains going around your side and maybe Maddox was really pushing against it and my lungs and making me really sore. My labs all came back fine... no organ issues.  So basically it was a very expensive trip to find out nothing was really wrong.  But I'm very thankful it was nothing serious so we'll just deal with the bills when they come in. Fun fun!

Well... that was probably a lot of useless info and not as fun when there aren't any pictures but it's all I've got.