Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pink or Blue?

It really shouldn't take as long as it just did to come up with a starting sentence.  I'm having a hard time putting thoughts together these days.  Not really sure where to start this one.  I blame it on baby brain.  It's no joke really.  And these emotions... what the heck! I am not a crier and the littlest thing can put me on the verge of tears in a second.  I don't like it! we had our ultrasound last Friday.  It was sweet and a great relief since we hadn't had an ultrasound in 10 weeks.  A lot happens in that time for sure.  We didn't want to find out the gender of our little one in the doctor's office so we had the tech put the gender in an envelope for us.  Everything is looking good as far as we can tell.  Our sweet baby was being a little lazy (or perhaps just stubborn like both of it's parents) and was sitting on my spine with it's head toward my belly so the tech couldn't get it to move so she couldn't see all the heart that she needed to and couldn't see all of my umbilical cord to make sure it has the proper veins or whatnot.  So I have to go back for another ultrasound in 4 weeks.  Can't say I'm complaining....I just hope everything is fine.

After the ultrasound, we took the envelope to the park and opened it.  After some dinner (cause this momma is pretty much always hungry), we went to Carter's, Kohl's and Babies R' Us.  We were just so relieved to FINALLY know what this lil' baby is!  I'm glad to not have to call our baby "it" anymore.  It's really hard to wait 18 weeks.  I don't know how the people that don't find out do it.  We sent this to everyone after we opened the envelope :)

Saturday, we had a gender reveal party with a few family and our closest friends.  I covered a huge box (which took forever) and filled it with the balloons in the color of the gender. We are truly grateful for those who came... especially to Limary and Philip who came from 2 hours away :) Love you guys! We made sure to open it at the beginning of the party because really I was just tired of keeping it to ourselves lol. So here's our little video...


That's right.... we have a sweet little bouncy (at least I assume....I can't feel him yet) baby boy! :) I've really known it for weeks.  I never had a reason for why I thought it was a boy but I'll call it intuition.  Now we have to come up with a name.  I had a lot longer of a girl name list than I do boy names.  Right now we are leaning toward Benjamin Clay.  Benjamin was my grandfather's middle name and I've just always liked the name.  Clay is Darren's middle name and it was also a name from one of his ancestors (can't remember which). 

I'll try to post a little more frequently but like I said, I'm good to form a complete sentence and I kind of need those for work :). So... that's all I've got for now.



  1. Awww, a sweet baby boy! Love how you guys did the gender reveal!