Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Self Portrait Project: February

I'm a little late on this.  I was supposed to do it last week but I'm kind of glad I waited so I could get the snow :)  I think one of the things I will be learning from this self portrait project is how to look at a picture of myself in a different way.  It's so hard not to look at a picture and automatically make a face and go "ugh" or pick out the negatives.  So as I went through these pictures that my sweet husband so patiently took for me on our snowy afternoon, I made myself try to look at them in a different light.  Like..."hey that looks like a happy person" or "look at her pretty blue eyes and bright smile".  That sounds so much better than "yuck...check out the double chin" or "yep, definitely need to lose that 20-30lbs". lol  We are our own worst critic afterall.  Learning to love yourself can be difficult.  It's certainly a work in progress.

And might I add...I would be lost without this coat this winter.  It's the only thing I kept from my teenage years lol I bought it when I was about 17 and haven't been able to wear it since, until now of course :) It's quite comfy.

Feel free to join in on the Self Portrait Project...even if you missed last month.  Just do your post on your blog and come back here and link it at the bottom of this post :)  And link my blog on yours while you're at it ;)


  1. Hi! Photography is a great passtime.

    I'm visiting from "The SITS Girls" comment project. Please stop by http://www.joyfulhomeandlife.com (please also like the Facebook page http:// facebook.com/joyfulhomeandlife )

  2. Great idea and love the snowy pics! I also love the goal of this is to be more objective and "see" yourself as other see you, so important!

    Oh and I remember not having any coats to fit me also...the thrift store was my best friend the first winter after my VSG. Still love thrift shopping!

  3. What a great idea. I love all of your photos -- your husband did a great job. Is he a photographer too? My favorite was the one with your hands in your pockets. Great composition and you look wonderful in that photo. I could see that one blown up. But really, you look great in all of them. I will see about doing this. Great idea and message!

    1. Thanks! Yes...when we had a photography business for about 4 years, my husband shot as well. Probably won't be blowing any of these up though lol You should join in! You still have a couple of weeks for this month's post :)

  4. Your pictures are adorable! You are right we are so our own worst critics. We receive more compliments then not. Then one person who doesn't have a filter says something negative and that's all we focus on.