Sunday, February 23, 2014

Baby Shower- check!

Saturday, I hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law in celebration of my baby niece that is expected in mid-march.  I put a lot of prep work into this shower.  It didn't fully come out the way I had planned....but what ever does, n'est pas?  I'm not posting any pictures of people in this post out of respect to my sister-in-law.

Here's the invitation that I designed.  I went with a navy and hot pink theme in case you didn't catch that :)

My sweet husband made the super yummy strawberry cupcakes Friday night because he knew I was starting to stress out a little.  He made the meatballs for me too.  The bread in front is from a local bakery that just moved into Lake Park.  It's called Skeeter's bakery.  They have a great sourdough pizza loaf so Darren picked one up Saturday morning.  Isn't he the best? :)

I like decorating with items that will also be useful.  Cute and effective!

I saw this corsage idea on Pinterest (naturally) but the link didn't go to anything other than a picture... otherwise I would link back to it.

I used some of the maternity pics that I did as decorations.  Sorry for the big black blobs... again, out of respect.

No baby shower is complete without a corny game, right? lol So we did baby shower bingo.  Apparently my mom was the smartest of the bunch because she wrote in the obvious items in the spots going down in a diagonal.  She got bingo right away.

So now that that's over, we're just waiting on lil' miss Cora to make her debut.


  1. Congratulations! I love the baby shower layout, decoration is beautiful, everything looks yummy, there's notjing left to wish except health and luck for the new life coming.

  2. Wow, your SIL is lucky to have you host her party. Looks BEAUTIFUL!!! And love the bingo game idea...way better than trying to guess melted candy bars passed around in baby diapers. LOL!

    1. I've never played that game. Always thought it was a little gross :) And thanks! I put a LOT of time into everything.

    2. Loving your post! I nominated you for the Liebster Award :) check it out on my blog