Sunday, January 19, 2014

Help Me Choose!

So, I've decided to open an Etsy shop selling burp cloths, bibs, baby blankets, "taggie, lovey" blanket things, pendant banners, etc etc.  The hardest part has been coming up with a business name.  The two that we've (Darren and myself) come up with (that actually seem to be available) are...

Sunshine & Grace
Minky & Mums

I can't decide if I want to add "Boutique" at the end of it or not.  Which one do you like better?  (Leave your answer in the comments please!)  I wanted something easy to remember and catchy.  Or do you have another suggestion?  These are available.  I've put in many different things that I've thought of but they were already taken, of course.  Once I finally decide on a name, I'm going to design my logo, etc, etc.  Then I can start taking pictures of my products and create my shop.  I'm really excited about this.  Hopefully I can at least make enough to help with the fabric obsession that I've seem to have lol  Here are a few of my creations so far...

The women's ministry at our church is having a Spring Bazaar in May so I'm hoping that I can have a vendor table by that point.  Which means that I have to have all my branding, packaging, etc done by then.  I also want to design some prints that people could frame and put in their nursery or house somewhere.  I've even looked into a booth at a local "marketplace" but I'm not sure about that since it's pretty pricey.  That's why I just figured I'd start with Etsy and see what happens.

Speaking of Fabric obsessions (see above) are a few of my new fabrics :) SO pretty!  I have a few more on the way. For now, I'm just ordering fat quarters (fabric/quilting term for quarter of a yard) or half yards of whatever I order unless I just really love it, then I might order a yard :)

Due to the growing supply of my fabric, I realized very quickly that I was running out of room for storage so we went to the very dangerous (on our wallet) Ikea yesterday :)  I picked up another shelving unit and put in drawers that we were using in another unit elsewhere.  It will work well for now. lol I spend more time in my craft room, I now want to paint the walls.  Imagine that.  I have to wait until the second storage unit is cleaned out so we can put all of the many boxes that are sitting stacked almost to the ceiling on the other side of this room though :)  Then I'll have to see what color I want to paint.  I bought curtains from Ikea for the room so I might wait to get those up too.  I might just go with the gray like I did the living room.  It's a nice soothing color and the white panels look great with it.  And...if and when we have a baby...the color will work for either gender.  I'm not into the pale pinks and blues anyway.

Don't forget to leave your vote for my business name in the comments!  I need your help!  I'm not sure which direction I want to go yet.


  1. My 1st instinct is sunshine and grace but minky and mums is catchy too.. i see why you are having such a hard time. :)

  2. I like Sunshine and Grace. Seems to capture both the business and your personality.
    My two cents!

  3. I like Sunshine & Grace... I don't know about adding Boutique to it. Unless it's rhyming like Sunshine & Grace The Boutique Place. Or maybe Sunshine & Grace Little Boutique.

    Just rambling off the top of my head using your ideas for spin off:
    Sunshine Boutique
    A Place of Grace & Sunshine
    Sunshine Corner
    Sunshine, Grace & Happiness
    Melissa's Little Corner

    So if you are making little Taggies (isn't that a brand name of what you are making?) How about:
    Tag...You're It!
    Tag Me Along

    Anyway just thinkin out loud for ya!