Friday, January 31, 2014

Financial Freedom Friday

Time for another Financial Freedom Friday! Yay! :) It's crazy though because that also means that a month has already passed.  Time really does go so quickly.  We're entering into February already.

January Debt Demolition... $-1,300  Woohoo! Goal met for this month at least :)  It kind of makes me sick to know that that much money is having to go to pay off debt but whatever, it's getting done. Also...while I paid that much toward debt this month, with interest, it only knocked off about $950 off my total...blah! Still a long way to go but's not a sprint and I'm probably not doing this at "gazelle" speed as Dave would do.

I spent some time this week getting all of our tax information together.  Next year, I think we'll actually be able to do our taxes ourselves and not have to pay someone a stupid amount to do them for us.  But for this year, since we had the rental property, sold the house, and the surgery with all the thousands of dollars in medical bills, we thought we'd leave it up to a professional because it really just makes my head hurt to think through it.  Maybe this year we will actually get some money back.  It sucks to pay uncle sam even more money on April 15th then he already takes out of our check every pay period.

I'd really like to book a cruise if we get money back but I know the responsible adult thing to do would be to put it into savings since we are praying for a baby to come our way sometime soon.  Considering the costs for all of that...I'll have to weigh out my options I suppose.

So there you have Financial Freedom Friday update.  My goals for February look much like they did for this month :) Pay down that debt!


  1. you ever try turbo tax? it really does ask all the questions, so nothing gets left out. :)

    Congrats on working on that debt!!

  2. great job on kicking out some of that debt! we're trying a no spend February to help with ours and kick up our savings :D