Friday, November 29, 2013

A Quick Glimpse

I don't do the black Friday thing so I thought I would post a couple before and after pictures of our living room in the condo.  I still have some work to do (i.e. wall décor) and obviously it will look different when our ginormous Christmas tree is down but I like the way everything looks for now and I love holiday décor. :)

This is the main wall in the living room (before we painted).

 then after paint, furniture, décor...  I LOVE my canvases that I had printed of a few pictures I took in Venice, Italy last summer.  I kind of wish I had gone bigger though...oh well.  Color is Valspar City's a nice warm gray.

 This is another view of the living room before. 

Curtains are from Ikea and I love them ($29/pair!).  Pretty sure I have at least 3 Eiffel towers on my Christmas tree :) 

Here is a closer look at my pictures :)

 and as promised, here is my new hair (before...from last month & after).  I cut probably a good 6 inches off.  I didn't go as short as I had originally planned but it was a big enough change for right now :)  And I went darker because I always like my hair darker.
And I am down 88lbs :)  I haven't taken my progress pics for this month or my measurements but I will soon.  It's on the to-do list :)



  1. New follower here! You are gorgeous! And congrats on your loss! And I love the new gray paint!

  2. Wow - place looks amazing. I love the colour and the addition of the curtains. And, of course, furntiture always makes it looks like a home. Also makes me realise how cluttered our house is thanks to kids... but hey, wouldn't have it any other way! And your hair cut and colour looks great - congrats again on the weight loss. You are looking fantastic.

  3. Love the paint! My house is all nimus grey (Martha colors) and goose down. I love the cool greys for the house. Also, the tree s beautiful! Great job!