Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kiss It Goodbye Challenge: Week 5 Check-In

5 weeks down! 7 to go!  Time sure is going fast.  Darren hid my scales and I haven't even gone to look for them.  I will weigh this Friday morning and take my 7 month progress pictures and measurements Thursday evening.  I can't believe it's been 7 months since my surgery either.

I did okay on my exercise this week.  I did c25k last Thursday, yesterday, and this morning.  I didn't exercise over the weekend but we did go to Blowing Rock so we walked for several hours if that counts :)  Very leisurely though.

We have a whole lot of stuff that is going on in the next 2 months on top of the holidays.  Life is about to get a lil' crazy.  I'm just praying I can breathe through it all and make good choices and continue to exercise.  Today was the beginning of week 5 in c25k.  I might do day one over again even though I made it through it plus jogged 6 minutes in the last segment instead of 5.  I'm a little nervous about day 2 and running 8 minutes straight (twice).  But, I've surprised myself along the way so I think I will continue to do so.  It's really amazing how much your body adapts when you consistently challenge it.

Oh...I forgot to post about my support group meeting last Wednesday!  There were 5 of us in there (4 sleeved, 1 lapband) along with the surgery coordinators and the dietician who was the "guest" speaker.  It was a pretty good meeting.  I found out that I'm supposed to be at 4oz a meal by this point.  Good to know since I'd only been eating 3oz.  After the meeting was over, the 5 of us left at the same time and everyone was like "ok, well now that we are away from them, let's talk for real" lol  At that point, it was nice.  We compared pictures and talked about problems we were having or anything like that.  So overall, it was good.  I'll definitely go back.  My next one is Nov. 20 and they are going to have a psychologist in there to give us pointers on how to get through the holidays.... Lord knows I need that!

I think Christmas is going to be difficult for me this year.  Not only am I going on a cruise the week before but my mother in law always bakes a lot at Christmas and it's all yummy things that I like.  I'm usually fine if we sit down for a meal and it's done...I can avoid any temptation.  It's when food is sitting around and everyone is just talking or whatnot and then before you know it, I'm popping a chocolate covered peanut butter ball in my mouth without even thinking about it.  I'm hoping I can avoid that this year for real!  I'm hoping that training for a 5k on Nov. 30th will help me through Thanksgiving.  Maybe I need to find a 5k for right after Christmas to help get me through that lol

Hoping to post good news on Friday...crossing my fingers anyway :)



  1. I tried the C25K but I just couldn't get in to it. So I decided I'd just try a walk/run thing and run short streets and walk the long ones. It was working till I got a sore foot and have to see a Physio. The C25K has sure helped a lot of us get inspired to start the journey to running hasn't it?

  2. I think the best thing about c25k is that it helps you to work your way up to where you are running more. It has really helped me but I know it's not for everyone. If you find what works for you, that's great! :)