Monday, September 16, 2013

Finding the Art within

My husband and I owned a photography business for about 4 years.  Photography has been a passion of mine since high school.  We decided to close the business last year because the area was just over saturated with "photographers" and we didn't have the time we needed to make the business successful.  And honestly, a lot of people just don't value professional photography.  When we closed the business, we also put down the camera.  I think it's partly because we felt a little defeated even though making the decision to close was bittersweet.  We don't have kids of our own so we haven't really felt "inspired" to keep shooting.  I know we shouldn't think that way.... 

Every once in a while, I'll offer to do pictures of my friends' kids or take pictures of my nephew just so I don't forget what I'm doing and sometimes I miss it.  It reminds me why I loved photography in the first place.  Capturing the innocence of a child on camera is priceless to me.  I know my house will probably be covered in pictures when we have our own children.  Until then, I can just love my friends' kids lol  Sometimes, I want to pick photography back up but then I remember that I don't have the time that I really need to do it and I don't really like competition or dealing with money and the business side of it.

I did a three year old session for the daughter of a long time friend last weekend.  I've photographed her since she was a newborn (unless you include when she was in her mommy's belly).  It's been fun to watch her grow and seeing the changes in her over the years.  She's so full of personality.  And it was fun to go shopping with her mom to pick out her outfits ;)  That always helps haha

I hope I have a little girl one day.  These kind of pictures make me long for children.  The look of pure joy and innocence on her face and she's just so precious.  That black and white picture in the middle....those are the types of pictures that I just stare at.  It's one of those pictures that makes you wonder "what is she thinking about?"  Of course I love black and white pictures anyway...they are just so classy and I think they take on a different type of artistry.

I actually think it's pretty healthy to take a break from something you are passionate about for a while.  I was getting burnt out.  But now that I'm not doing it as a business....I remember why I enjoy it and I can do it on my own time.  I'm definitely not giving up and if anything...I'll have some really awesome pictures of my own kids when the time comes :)


  1. Oh my gosh beautiful pictures of a beautiful little girl!!!

  2. Gorgeous girl!

    I do photogaphy as a hobby mostly, but this summer I became the photographer at a racetrack. It was very different from what I was used to photographing (spent years as a journalist with a camera). I've done a couple of weddings and those are stressful. I don't carry my camera around like I used to, but I'm glad that I've started picking it up more often. It doesn't hurt that I've got a cute granddaughter to snap pictures of now. :)