Monday, August 5, 2013

Just ONE month...

I've decided to set my goals a month at a time.  I can do anything for a month right? And if it doesn't go all that well, I can re-evaluate and change things up for the next month.  I am a member at a gym and have been since December but haven't gone once lol  So I checked out the classes that they offer and found a couple that worked with my schedule.  For one month, I'm going to attempt to do 4 classes a week.  My schedule will look like this...

Mondays: Group Power (much needed strength training)
Tuesdays: Zumba (or the Yoga class afterwards to change it up)
Wednesdays: Group Power
Thursdays: Zumba (or the Pilates class afterwards)
Fridays and Saturdays....I may do a class or I may work on my 5k training. not sure yet.

So that's the goal for the next month.  Come September 5, I may change it up a bit or I may keep on doing exactly the same if I find it is working for me and I enjoy it.  I really do *LOVE* dancing and Zumba but isn't this the truth?? haha

I also have a goal to lose 10 pounds this month.  This .2-1 lb a week thing is not cutting it for me and I know it's because I've been slack on my exercise.  I only have 4 months until we go on our cruise and I want to look great....toned, in shape, slim.  And I want to lose another 40 lbs by then.  That will put me about 10 lbs from my final goal.  Not going to get there by coming home and sitting on the couch that's for sure!  But like I said...I'm going to focus on one month at a time.  Oh and my 3rd goal for the month is to drink MORE water!  I probably only drink half of what I'm supposed to a day.  Not good at all.

What are your goals this month?


  1. I love Zumba, but I haven't set any goals this month. I am trying to figure out what my body is doing (it is holding onto weight despite me being on track).

    I am doing boot camp twice a week, which has been a lot of fun as well as challenging.

    1. Boot camp sounds fun :) Don't you just love when our body does everything it can to fight against our best efforts...

  2. Looks awesome Melissa! Good luck and FWIW I think you can DO IT!

  3. Setting goals is SUCH a good idea for getting things done. I recently made a monthly meal plan, and although it may seem crazy to plan my meals that far in advance, it's REALLY helped me to eat healthier, spend less money, and not have to figure out what in the world to cook every night. Good luck with your exercise plans! Your classes sound fun!

    1. That is a great idea. I have a bad habit of just eating the same things every week because my husband and my schedules are so crazy that we don't have dinner together much during the week. I need to give that a try though and add new things. Thanks for stopping by :)