Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Book Review: Wife After God: A 30-Day Marriage Devotional for Wives

I've always been really picky about my devotional books.  I've bought several only to be disappointed or not engaged enough to finish the entire thing...until now.

Wife After God, written by Jennifer Smith, is enlightening, easy to read, and challenging all in one.  This 30-day devotional encourages you while pushing you to strengthen the two most important relationships in a married woman's life...your relationship with Christ and your relationship with your husband.  Just reading through the first few days, I felt convicted of how I need to work on my marriage.

What's Inside?
   Each day there are scripture references, a couple of pages of thoughts including stories and scripture, a personal challenge for you, as well as thought provoking journal questions.  This would be a great book to use in a ladies' Bible study or in your personal quiet time.

Why this book?
   There are so many great topics within this devotional that really hit home with me.  Real topics that we as women face everyday. 
Topics like... 
              ~Finding fulfillment through Christ alone
              ~Overcoming a poor image of self-worth
              ~The importance of prayer
              ~Being thoughtful and intentional
              ~Viewing your spouse as a gift
              ~Protecting yourself and your marriage with the Armor of God
              ~Relying on God's wisdom

    These are just a few of the topics that are covered that spoke to me personally.  These devotions are not sugar coated and if you allow yourself to tear down the wall of pride that we all have, they are convicting and encouraging all at the same time. 

   I've talked quite a bit about my self-image on this blog before and reading the section on "Confident Worthiness" was eye opening.  I can't look to anyone else to make me feel worthy or good about myself other than Jesus Christ.  He made me who I am.  He finds me worthy of His unconditional love and reminds me every day of His I really need to work on my trust in Him. Wow.

   Another section that got me was "Perfect Posture".  I surely am bad at crossing my arms in anger, rolling my eyes, huffing, etc.  I think I have gotten a lot better at it over the past couple of years but I still have my moments (don't we all??).  But I think Jennifer says it best when she says,

"Your actions that occur as a result of your attitude play a huge role in your daily communication with your husband.  You can choose to operate out of selfishness and disrespect by justifying your body language or you can choose to live in obedience to Christ with self-control as you contort your posture to reflect humility, compassion, selflessness, patience, and unconditional love.  By expressing the latter you will win your husband over with true love, fill your home with peace, and provide an atmosphere for intimacy to flourish.  This choice that confronts you exists with every new day."

Who's it for?
    There really is something for EVERY MARRIED WOMAN in this devotional.  Whether you've been married for many years or are still in the "honeymoon" phase, there's always more to learn.  I honestly wish I had found a book like this while I was engaged or maybe even given as a bridal shower gift.  But after being married for 6 years, I know there is a lot I need to work on for myself and for my marriage.

Where can you purchase Wife After God?
    If you'd like to purchase your own copy (or a few!), click HERE.  This book is available in paperback as well as a version for your kindle 

Want more information?
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Jennifer's blog, The Unveiled Wife.  For more information on Wife After God, you can view her website HERE.

    I highly recommend this devotional book.  I look forward to reading it again!

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