Friday, July 26, 2013

Thankful for the Positives

As July is quickly coming to a close (crazy, huh?), I'm choosing to focus on the positives that have happened rather than the negatives.
             ~Our icky renters moved out! (yay!)
             ~We got to do a photo shoot with Kristin & Aaron Byrum :)
             ~We have replaced the carpet, fixed damages, and painted every room in the house            
               (well...that will be finished this weekend but I'm counting it now)
             ~I've lost 67 lbs (not just in July but I'm counting that as a positive in itself  lol)
             ~We've enjoyed the pool at our apartment a bit.
             ~We've spent time with friends.
             ~We found out we're expecting another nephew or niece (once I get over my jealousy, I'll be
               genuinely happy, I promise)
             ~The house will be on the market by the end of this month which is great and we're going to
               stay optimistic that it sells quickly...especially with all the things we've done to it to freshen
               it up.
             ~We are very thankful for our friends and family that have put in many hours of labor to help
               us with our house.  We so greatly appreciate it (even though I'm quite certain none of them
               read my blog lol).
             ~Thankful for a job that gives me enough PTO and lets me decide last minute to take a 
               couple days off so I can get some things done at the house.
             ~Thankful for a God that listens to all my griping and complaining and loves me and blesses 
               me despite my short comings.
             ~Thankful for a husband that is by my side always through this adventure we call life. 
               Thankful he is willing to work 2 jobs to try and make things a little easier financially. 
               Thankful that he loves me even when I start talking crazy and blab on about "we could do 
               this...or maybe we could do this...or maybe we should just do this..."  I truly could not have
               asked for a better man to spend my life with.

I told Darren yesterday that it's funny we are doing these things to the house now that we aren't living there and aren't planning on moving back in.  I told him that the next house we own, we are going to fix it up WHILE we are living there so we actually get to enjoy the money and time put into it.  Someone told me that you almost need to go into "Let's sell our house" mode every once in a while and fix your house up like you were to put it on the market and then enjoy it yourself.  There are so many things I want to be able to do in our next house.  Hopefully I'll actually follow through with those things. 

Anyway.... yay for positives :)

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