Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pep Talk to myself

Dear Lazy Self,
   You haven't been to the boxing club since you wrote last about being so sore....that was a week and a half ago!  I don't know if you're getting bored with it or what but you've got to figure out what's going on.  I don't know if you need to just try getting up in the mornings and hitting the gym at the apartment and try to start a running regimen.  Maybe that would help?  You don't want to quit boxing.  You just have to make myself go....even if it's only 2x a week.  I know you see a lot of people who are doing so well because they have found their fitness niche.  While you love boxing, I don't know if it's everything that you need right now.  Your goal is to tone up and slim down and you can't do that if you're not moving at all.  You've got to get out of this rut.  It's like you were running and then fell into a ditch and instead of figuring out how to pull yourself out, you just sat down in the middle.

You haven't lost more than 1 lb in the past 2 weeks.  That's totally your own fault.  You're not getting your water in like you're supposed to and then obviously the exercise plays a huge role for you.  So you won't make that goal that you were trying to set by your photo shoot.  Just be ok with that because you know you haven't worked hard for it.  You need to change that right now. 

The first step is admitting and figuring out a solution right?

So your goals for the next month are...
1) Get your butt in the gym...both boxing and regular gym for walking/jogging and weights.
2) Drink more water!  This is a huge thing for you.  You forget to drink so you probably only get about half of what you're supposed to.
3) Lose 10 lbs.  That's a reasonable goal for a month if you actually succeed at your two goals above.
4) Make sure you're getting a proper amount of calories and be diligent about putting your food into MFP.

You're letting yourself get distracted and at this point in your life....You've really got to keep your head on straight and do what you know works.  You've gotten lazy and you need to get over that asap.

   Your inner thin, fit self struggling to get out!

Ok...enough with the pep talk to myself.  back to work! :)

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  1. Haha, great letter to yourself! Even though I have been a regular exerciser for the last 9 solid years I STILL have to convince myself to go. Sometimes I hate that I don't want to go but my reward is the feeling I get *after* I exercise. Love that feeling. Keep working on it!!