Friday, July 12, 2013

On second thought...

After I had that lovely pep talk with myself yesterday, I also started laying out a plan for our finances over the next few months while our house is on the market.  Our renters moved out on Tuesday....even though they were supposed to do a final walk through with my property manager on Wednesday.  They are not responding to her texts and calls.  Whatever.  Time to move on.  I started thinking about how incredibly stressful this is going to be (paying mortgage + rent + all other bills).  While I am going to take my counselor's advice and take one month at a time, I had to think of ways we could cut our spending.  There aren't a whole lot of extra things that we do but unfortunately boxing is one of them.  So I went yesterday after work and put my boxing account on hold for a few months.  I'm hoping our house will just sell quickly or we get another (and hopefully better) renter in there and then I can unfreeze my account and get back in there.  Until that time, I will be relying on the gym at the apartment or the gym that I have a membership that I can't get out of but I don't like lol  Time to start that c25k!  I'm going to have to keep my fingers crossed on this.  I'm nervous.  I really need someone to push me.  I did so much better when I was working with a trainer a couple times a week....but if I can't afford a boxing membership, I certainly can't afford a trainer.

Back on the note of the house.  Yeh, I snuck by there on Wednesday because I still have a key and I wanted to make sure our appliances were still there and all (my friend had a nightmare story and I wanted to make sure we didn't go through the same).  There's a lot of trash and filth.  All the doors to the bedrooms were closed and since I was there by myself and felt weird about that, I didn't go into any of them.  We will go there tomorrow and start cleaning the place and get it ready to be painted and then ready to have carpet installed.  I'm really hoping we can get everything done and have it looking it's best and on the market by the end of the month.  That only gives us a couple of weeks though.  I'm really hoping the people who said they'd "be happy to help" will actually come through because it's a big space to paint and the one time we did it, I ended up doing a LOT of it by myself and I pretty much felt like death for several days after that.  Standing on a step ladder for long periods of time and reaching and tensing up kills your back!  So if I can get like 5 other people to help, that would be awesome.  I do NOT look forward to cleaning up other people's mess. always, that's all I've got going on  lol  maybe one of these days, I'll actually be able to blog about something that interests me :)


  1. Hi Melissa,

    Just wanted to say hi and congratulate you on your weight loss to date. You look amazing and should be very proud of what you have achieved. I am on Weight Watchers and started looking around for some blogs to read to keep me on track. Am also thinking of starting a c25k program as a way of getting some exercise and fitness in to my routine.

    Sorry to read about the house woes - hope the tenants didn't trash your place too much and you are able to sell/rent it quickly.

    Take care, Liz

    1. Thank you! Thanks for checking out my blog :) Good luck on the c25k program. I want to do it...I have just been lazy. I'll get there eventually.