Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All about blogging...

I have noticed that my blogging thoughts have changed since I started my blog.  I started my blog to talk about my progress after having gastric sleeve surgery.  I decided that I actually really liked blogging even if I think I sound stupid or no one else reads it lol.  I'd love to begin blogging about home decor, diy stuff, still health/fitness stuff, and eventually baby stuff.  One of the reasons I began this blog was because I had a hard time finding good blogs of people who had the VSG.  When I say a "good" blog...I mean someone transparent and who updated often.  I found a lot of blogs where people NEVER updated and therefore I never bothered going back.  If a blog doesn't have an update in the past couple of weeks...more than likely, I won't go back to it.

One thing I'm curious about....what makes you search for a particular blog?  And better yet...what makes you come back and read again?  I personally enjoy blogs where they are easy to read and it sounds like the person is just sitting there talking to me.  I also like people who are a little witty and just overall funny without trying too hard to be.  Recently, I've been searching through mommy blogs.  I have major baby fever (like pretty much astronomical) so I look for blogs of first time moms who share their pregnancy experience, life with a newborn, etc.  What type of blogs do you like to read?

I was also reading on the SITS girls blog earlier about blogging and one particular post stood out to me.  It was talking about having a great "About" page.  Yeh I don't even have an "About" page but I get what they mean because I do read those when I go to a blog.  It makes me feel like I connect with the person more.  I'm more apt to leave comments on people's blogs if they have an "About" page where I feel like I have things in common with the person.  Then I go back to their page again or put them into my bloglovin' list.  So needless to say, I really need to work on my "About" page.  Sounds like a good goal over the next couple of days.  Do you have an "About" page?  How did you decide what to include on it?

I also like blogs that are visually appealing.  While I'm not practicing that at the moment, maybe I can do better at that.  I just haven't had much to take pictures of lately.  It's a lot easier for people with kids and things to take pictures of lol  Maybe tomorrow I'll post the pictures that I took of my house the other day.  Not very exciting but better than nothing.  I should have some decor pictures up soon.  My mom finished my curtains so I'm just waiting for her to paint the hardware and get them installed.  Then I'm going to do my photo some point when there is some extra money in the budget.  Anyway.

Just something to think about :)


  1. Well it's funny. I started blogging because honestly OF all the research I did prior to having the VSG, the ones that I connected most to were people who had blogs. I did read medical journal info but I was more interested in real LIFE, not JUST medical data. So I started my blog to keep track of my thoughts around surgery. I keep it mostly about weight-loss but I also enjoy reading blogs that include other topics. I have yet to sit down and figure out how to do an About Me page. Prob. should do that. lol

    1. I definitely didn't read any medical journals. I went solely off of word of mouth through the VSG forum and through blogs lol oops. I like blogs that cover different topics too.

      You should check out this post about your About gives good suggestions on what to include and how to get started with it.

  2. Like Sheila (one of my all-time favorite bloggies), I started blogging because when I was researching WLS, I was tearing it up reading blogs about it. When I had VSG, I wanted to both journal my own progress, for me, and also be the sort of resource for others that I was desperate for early on in my journey.

    Like you, my blog subjects tend to wander, and no longer really focus on VSG or even much on weight loss. That's okay, too. Now it's just kind of my online journal, and stories about my fitness and exercise pursuits, love life, family life, etc. all tie in to the challenges and rewards of losing all that extra weight.

    I will say that sometimes, now that the morbidly obese me is a long-distant memory, it is hard for me to have all the pre-VSG and weight loss pictures online. I have thought about taking them down - they can make me uncomfortable at times. I am leaving them up because I hope that they give motivation to people who are just starting out: proving that just a short time down the road, the "old" you is just a fuzzy memory. I know that Amy W's blog "Once Upon a Time in the Land of Cheese and Sunkist" did that for me! By the time I came along, her weight loss was long since done, but I DEVOURED (pardon the pun) her blog every day. I was in love with the idea of that kind of amazing transformation for myself.

    1. Well I, for one, am thankful that you left up your pictures because they were (and still are) definitely an inspiration for me. I'm still in the losing phase but I'm sure once I reach my goal, I will probably feel the same way. The few blogs that I have found that I love (the ones on my blog list) are ones that I read every day and hung onto every word...even through the hard times that you guys may have posted about. Transparency is important in something like that I think. Just to let people know it's not a cake walk.

      Thanks for commenting :)

  3. I started my blog when my dad was really ill, and my mom spent most of her time at home taking care of him. I posted mostly about my kids to keep her updated. That was around 2003-ish.

    I've been blogging every since, but I blog about lots of different things. I used to have a bunch of different blogs including one just about my attempt to lose weight. I eventually combined all of those together into one blog, so I'd be more likely to update it regularly.

    Since 2011, my blog has been mostly about my VSG surgery and weight loss, but I also write about my family quite a bit.

    I have a hard time coming up with pictures for every post, but I try to do it.

    1. I've thought about what I will do once I have a baby and my blog will probably inevitably turn to be about them. Will I start a new one or just change the focus of this one. Then what about the name? Guess I'll still be a goal minded girl...just with different goals :) You've been blogging for a long time! Kudos for keeping it up. and thanks for commenting :)