Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All about blogging...

I have noticed that my blogging thoughts have changed since I started my blog.  I started my blog to talk about my progress after having gastric sleeve surgery.  I decided that I actually really liked blogging even if I think I sound stupid or no one else reads it lol.  I'd love to begin blogging about home decor, diy stuff, still health/fitness stuff, and eventually baby stuff.  One of the reasons I began this blog was because I had a hard time finding good blogs of people who had the VSG.  When I say a "good" blog...I mean someone transparent and who updated often.  I found a lot of blogs where people NEVER updated and therefore I never bothered going back.  If a blog doesn't have an update in the past couple of weeks...more than likely, I won't go back to it.

One thing I'm curious about....what makes you search for a particular blog?  And better yet...what makes you come back and read again?  I personally enjoy blogs where they are easy to read and it sounds like the person is just sitting there talking to me.  I also like people who are a little witty and just overall funny without trying too hard to be.  Recently, I've been searching through mommy blogs.  I have major baby fever (like pretty much astronomical) so I look for blogs of first time moms who share their pregnancy experience, life with a newborn, etc.  What type of blogs do you like to read?

I was also reading on the SITS girls blog earlier about blogging and one particular post stood out to me.  It was talking about having a great "About" page.  Yeh I don't even have an "About" page but I get what they mean because I do read those when I go to a blog.  It makes me feel like I connect with the person more.  I'm more apt to leave comments on people's blogs if they have an "About" page where I feel like I have things in common with the person.  Then I go back to their page again or put them into my bloglovin' list.  So needless to say, I really need to work on my "About" page.  Sounds like a good goal over the next couple of days.  Do you have an "About" page?  How did you decide what to include on it?

I also like blogs that are visually appealing.  While I'm not practicing that at the moment, maybe I can do better at that.  I just haven't had much to take pictures of lately.  It's a lot easier for people with kids and things to take pictures of lol  Maybe tomorrow I'll post the pictures that I took of my house the other day.  Not very exciting but better than nothing.  I should have some decor pictures up soon.  My mom finished my curtains so I'm just waiting for her to paint the hardware and get them installed.  Then I'm going to do my photo some point when there is some extra money in the budget.  Anyway.

Just something to think about :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

The BIG 7-0!

I am happy to say that after 2 weeks of bouncing up and down 2 lbs, I have now hit -70lbs :)  It's hard to believe really.  I still have a good 40-50lbs to go and lots of toning and slimming down but I'll get there.  

I really really want to try crossfit because I've heard amazing things and from a facebook page I've seen of crossfit women, the transformations that people go through are just crazy.  I have 5 months until our cruise and I really really want to look the best and be in the best shape of my life because I know we will probably start trying to have kids shortly after.  While I know I can get in shape after baby...I'd like to prep my body beforehand.  However....crossfit will not be happening any time soon since it's $129/month.  Crazy!

Darren wants to train for a 5k that is happening this October at our church to raise money for building wells in Africa.  He wants me to do it with him.  Then he tells me he wants to do it in 30 minutes.  Umm.  haha  Now, I do want to train for the 5k because it is on my goal list but I don't think I'm going to give myself a specific time limit.  I'm just going to have to play it by ear...or as Darren says "build that bridge once we get there".  

I've seen our pictures that we had done a couple of weeks ago.  There are several that I really love.  However, I'm trying really hard not to pick out flaws that I see on myself and just enjoy the pictures.  They just give me incentive to keep going and keep working toward my goal.  So maybe we'll do another one in a few months....especially if I actually get my butt in the gym or our house sells and I can do a few months of crossfit :)  Anyway...I'll post a few of the pictures as soon as I get the cd.  And then I'm going to work on a photo gallery wall that is sure to be super awesome so I will post pictures of that when I am all finished as well.

Speaking of the house.  We had several people come and help us paint this past weekend which was SO great!  I really don't think we could have done it without them all.  I went today and took pictures because I'm very picky with the way that they look.  I look at houses online all the time and I don't take a second look at a house if the pictures suck.  I don't know why people don't think that way when they take the pictures.  My realtor is making me nervous.  She's not being very good at getting back with me and she's been telling me for 2 weeks that she is going to pull the comps to tell us what we should list the house for.  I've yet to hear that.  I want the house on the market this week.  She knew we were working our butts off to get the house ready for the beginning of August and yet she hasn't even told us what we need to do as far as any paperwork goes.  The only reason we are staying with her is because she said she would help us out with realtor fees since we lost out on so much.

K....that's all :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Thankful for the Positives

As July is quickly coming to a close (crazy, huh?), I'm choosing to focus on the positives that have happened rather than the negatives.
             ~Our icky renters moved out! (yay!)
             ~We got to do a photo shoot with Kristin & Aaron Byrum :)
             ~We have replaced the carpet, fixed damages, and painted every room in the house            
               (well...that will be finished this weekend but I'm counting it now)
             ~I've lost 67 lbs (not just in July but I'm counting that as a positive in itself  lol)
             ~We've enjoyed the pool at our apartment a bit.
             ~We've spent time with friends.
             ~We found out we're expecting another nephew or niece (once I get over my jealousy, I'll be
               genuinely happy, I promise)
             ~The house will be on the market by the end of this month which is great and we're going to
               stay optimistic that it sells quickly...especially with all the things we've done to it to freshen
               it up.
             ~We are very thankful for our friends and family that have put in many hours of labor to help
               us with our house.  We so greatly appreciate it (even though I'm quite certain none of them
               read my blog lol).
             ~Thankful for a job that gives me enough PTO and lets me decide last minute to take a 
               couple days off so I can get some things done at the house.
             ~Thankful for a God that listens to all my griping and complaining and loves me and blesses 
               me despite my short comings.
             ~Thankful for a husband that is by my side always through this adventure we call life. 
               Thankful he is willing to work 2 jobs to try and make things a little easier financially. 
               Thankful that he loves me even when I start talking crazy and blab on about "we could do 
               this...or maybe we could do this...or maybe we should just do this..."  I truly could not have
               asked for a better man to spend my life with.

I told Darren yesterday that it's funny we are doing these things to the house now that we aren't living there and aren't planning on moving back in.  I told him that the next house we own, we are going to fix it up WHILE we are living there so we actually get to enjoy the money and time put into it.  Someone told me that you almost need to go into "Let's sell our house" mode every once in a while and fix your house up like you were to put it on the market and then enjoy it yourself.  There are so many things I want to be able to do in our next house.  Hopefully I'll actually follow through with those things. 

Anyway.... yay for positives :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back to the Basics

For the past week and a half or so, the scale has gone up and down about 2 lbs.  I'm not happy with that.  But I know I can't blame anyone but myself.  And instead of blaming myself and getting wrapped up in that, I'm going to choose to move on.  I have been SUPER slack on exercising so that's a huge thing.  And this past weekend, I had a really small sliver of cake.  So no wonder.  I'm going to go to the store tonight and stock up on protein shakes and just go back to the basics for a few days to jump start my body in the right direction and get any lingering carbs out of my body.  I'm not going to obsess over the 2lbs but I am going to take care of what I know I'm doing wrong.  I also have to get more water in.  So I'm going to do a liquid diet with a small balanced meal for dinner.  I mean, don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm eating more than what I'm supposed to.  I only eat 3oz at a meal but I haven't been doing well with my choices and since this is a life change, I need to get that under control pronto.  I'm so close to the weight I was when I graduated high school (granted, I still wasn't small in any sense of the word).  I need to hit the gym so I look better at that weight than I did 11 years ago.  So really I need to go back to the basics for that too....strength training.  I don't know why I'm being such a slacker.  I just need to get in there and do it.  Maybe I'll make it tonight.  I know I'm not the only one that struggles with this stuff.  What do you do to keep your motivation going? or to kick start that motivation when it sneaks out the door?

I'm really hoping to have a sneak peek from the photoshoot we did on the 14th.  I am nervous and excited at the same time to see them.  I went and had my makeup done (fake lashes and all) for the shoot and it was way more than I'm used to but I know that usually photographs pretty well.  I just don't really know what to expect.

I put my 4 month progress pictures up on the progress page.  I bought new jeans lol  So they actually fit unlike my 3 month progress pictures :)  I lost 8 lbs last month.  I'd like to lose at least 10 this month.  Which means I need to get off my lazy butt and just go for it.

Oh and baby fever....mercy....calm yourself!


Friday, July 12, 2013

On second thought...

After I had that lovely pep talk with myself yesterday, I also started laying out a plan for our finances over the next few months while our house is on the market.  Our renters moved out on Tuesday....even though they were supposed to do a final walk through with my property manager on Wednesday.  They are not responding to her texts and calls.  Whatever.  Time to move on.  I started thinking about how incredibly stressful this is going to be (paying mortgage + rent + all other bills).  While I am going to take my counselor's advice and take one month at a time, I had to think of ways we could cut our spending.  There aren't a whole lot of extra things that we do but unfortunately boxing is one of them.  So I went yesterday after work and put my boxing account on hold for a few months.  I'm hoping our house will just sell quickly or we get another (and hopefully better) renter in there and then I can unfreeze my account and get back in there.  Until that time, I will be relying on the gym at the apartment or the gym that I have a membership that I can't get out of but I don't like lol  Time to start that c25k!  I'm going to have to keep my fingers crossed on this.  I'm nervous.  I really need someone to push me.  I did so much better when I was working with a trainer a couple times a week....but if I can't afford a boxing membership, I certainly can't afford a trainer.

Back on the note of the house.  Yeh, I snuck by there on Wednesday because I still have a key and I wanted to make sure our appliances were still there and all (my friend had a nightmare story and I wanted to make sure we didn't go through the same).  There's a lot of trash and filth.  All the doors to the bedrooms were closed and since I was there by myself and felt weird about that, I didn't go into any of them.  We will go there tomorrow and start cleaning the place and get it ready to be painted and then ready to have carpet installed.  I'm really hoping we can get everything done and have it looking it's best and on the market by the end of the month.  That only gives us a couple of weeks though.  I'm really hoping the people who said they'd "be happy to help" will actually come through because it's a big space to paint and the one time we did it, I ended up doing a LOT of it by myself and I pretty much felt like death for several days after that.  Standing on a step ladder for long periods of time and reaching and tensing up kills your back!  So if I can get like 5 other people to help, that would be awesome.  I do NOT look forward to cleaning up other people's mess. always, that's all I've got going on  lol  maybe one of these days, I'll actually be able to blog about something that interests me :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pep Talk to myself

Dear Lazy Self,
   You haven't been to the boxing club since you wrote last about being so sore....that was a week and a half ago!  I don't know if you're getting bored with it or what but you've got to figure out what's going on.  I don't know if you need to just try getting up in the mornings and hitting the gym at the apartment and try to start a running regimen.  Maybe that would help?  You don't want to quit boxing.  You just have to make myself go....even if it's only 2x a week.  I know you see a lot of people who are doing so well because they have found their fitness niche.  While you love boxing, I don't know if it's everything that you need right now.  Your goal is to tone up and slim down and you can't do that if you're not moving at all.  You've got to get out of this rut.  It's like you were running and then fell into a ditch and instead of figuring out how to pull yourself out, you just sat down in the middle.

You haven't lost more than 1 lb in the past 2 weeks.  That's totally your own fault.  You're not getting your water in like you're supposed to and then obviously the exercise plays a huge role for you.  So you won't make that goal that you were trying to set by your photo shoot.  Just be ok with that because you know you haven't worked hard for it.  You need to change that right now. 

The first step is admitting and figuring out a solution right?

So your goals for the next month are...
1) Get your butt in the gym...both boxing and regular gym for walking/jogging and weights.
2) Drink more water!  This is a huge thing for you.  You forget to drink so you probably only get about half of what you're supposed to.
3) Lose 10 lbs.  That's a reasonable goal for a month if you actually succeed at your two goals above.
4) Make sure you're getting a proper amount of calories and be diligent about putting your food into MFP.

You're letting yourself get distracted and at this point in your life....You've really got to keep your head on straight and do what you know works.  You've gotten lazy and you need to get over that asap.

   Your inner thin, fit self struggling to get out!

Ok...enough with the pep talk to myself.  back to work! :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

The travel bug has bitten!

Ok a girl can dream right?  Here are my top 5 dream vacations :)  Bora Bora, Greece, London, Sydney, and of course Paris.  I've been to a few places already that I'd like to go back to like Maui, NYC, Venice, and Quebec.  But I'll be good to get to the Bahamas on a cheap cruise lol  However, I am thankful for being able to do that with friends this December.

What are your top 5 dream vacation spots?

Oh yeh....wanted to share this picture too.  You can actually see my eyes! That's a huge NSV for me! and my face is not super ginormous.  Yay :)


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oy Vey....

My body pretty much hates me today and I'm sure it's only going to get worse.  I haven't exercised in a month! yikes!  So yesterday I went back to the boxing club.  Yeh....I don't recommend anyone take a month off!  I didn't necessarily do it deliberately.  I was either out of town, sick, or had zero energy whatsoever.  My entire body felt like jello when I was done!  I'm surprised I didn't fall out on the floor.  All the trainers there knew I hadn't been in a while so when I would get some water, they would all ask me if I was ok  lol  I told them as long as I was still breathing, I was good.  I do need to figure out a way to get more calories in though and still keep my carbs down.  I put everything into MFP and I had just under 900 calories.  And technically, 300 of that was after the class from my protein shake.  Kind of hard to expect to have any energy when you eat 600 calories and have a workout class where you easily burn between 800-1000.  I'm supposed to be getting in 1000-1200 according to my doctor.  I just don't know what to eat and I'm never really hungry so that's a little problem too.  I am having blood work done next Wednesday to check everything out.  My thyroid was a little low before surgery so my doctor wanted me to come back and have it checked to see if I need to go on meds.  They put me on meds a couple years ago when my thyroid was just slightly low but I only took them for a little over a month or so.  I'm at a different doctor now so if she thinks I need to go back on them, I'll give them a whirl.  I hate taking medicine though.  I know I know...sometimes you don't have a choice.  I'm just thankful to be off of blood pressure medicine. :)  Anyway.  I'm just proud of myself for actually going again.  I'm going to go again tonight too.  Tomorrow night, however, I'm scheduling myself a much needed moderate/deep tissue massage lol  Then Thursday is 4th of July and as long as the weather is nice, we'll be spending the day by the pool I'm sure.  Although I think it's supposed to rain.  Friday, I have a counseling session and then I'm going to do the routine that my "trainer" gave me but I haven't started yet.

On another note.  Has anyone played that game HayDay?  It's an app on the iphone/ipad.  It's quite addicting and a huge time waster  lol  So if you get bored....check it out.  If you don't have time....I don't recommend even starting it.

So how's everyone doing?  My blog seems to get viewed a lot but only a couple people are nice enough to leave comments.  Maybe I should start asking you questions.  Or you can leave questions that you want me to answer.  I'm trying to build community here people :)

Oh....down 62...woohoo!  My goal is to lose about 7 more before my photoshoot on July 14.  It's a stretch but we'll see :)  I'm at a weight now that I haven't been in about 10 years.  Hence the reason I have to get my butt back in boxing and the gym so I can tone everything and look better than I did then :)

Peace out loves....