Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How Do You Celebrate?

I really like these questions that All The Weigh does every Monday.  She calls them Friend Makin' Monday.  However, as you can is Wednesday.  But what the hay, I'm going to do it today anyway :)  (hey that rhymes!) If you want to participate on your own blog, feel free to copy the questions and then make sure to head over to All the Weigh's blog and post a link....since that is the whole point.

How Do You Celebrate?

1. When is your birthday? April 6, next year is the big 3-0....yuck!

2.  Do you like to celebrate it or do you prefer to keep it quiet?  Well to be honest, I love to celebrate it.  However, in recent years, we haven't really had any money and I have a hard time justifying spending money on myself anyway so I've downplayed it quite a bit.  Sucks being poor lol

3. Have you ever had a surprise party?  No. Never. It would be nice for someone to actually put some forethought into giving me one though.  I'm pretty sure I've already hinted around to the fact that turning 30 would be a great opportunity for a big surprise party :) 

4. What sign are you?  Does it represent you well?  I'm an Aries and other than knowing that, I know nothing about all the sign crap.

5.  Do you tell the truth about your age?  Why lie?

6.  Share your best birthday memory.  Wish I could say I had one.  I know that sounds really sad.  Probably a birthday party from when I was a kid....that I probably had to help plan in order for it to get done  lol

7.  Share a few items that could be on your birthday wishlist.  Well...these aren't exactly on my birthday wish list per say but just on my general wish list for when I have some money.  New clothes, new camera (point and shoot), ipad mini, and a vacation involving getting on an airplane to go somewhere would be really nice :) and on my birthday wishlist is to be pregnant because how fun would that be to tell everyone at my birthday party?  I mean....I'm already going to be surrounded (in theory and wishful thinking) by all of my loved ones so why not! :)  Can you tell I've thought about that one?  I told Darren about my master plan the other night and he's like "umm...ok" hah

8.  What is your favorite kind of cake?  hmm. I love yellow layered cake with home made chocolate icing like my grandma used to make....sans the toothpicks she had to use to keep it together  lol  good family joke though :)  I also like strawberry cake with cream cheese icing.  As long as it doesn't have coconut in it...we're good! hah

9.  If you could be anywhere on your next birthday, where would you be?  Let's just say I have a vision for what my ideal surprise birthday party would be and that's where I want to be.  I have a whole pinterest board devoted to party décor and most of it includes lots of twinkle lights, candles, and paper lanterns....and nicely decorated tables with chevron patterned runners.  I will keep hinting until we get closer and then I will call in reinforcements to help  lol

10.  Do you make a wish when you blow out the candles?  you know, I've never really done that.  weird.  and I don't think I've blown out candles since I was 16 maybe.

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