Friday, April 26, 2013

Things I Won't Miss About Being Fat

Some of these are actually pretty sad if you really think about it but if you've been there, done that.... you know exactly where I'm coming from.  Some of these are more psychological than anything I think but they are things I'm personally overcoming.  Feel free to add any in the comments and I'll add it to the list.

~Walking into a room of people to see if I am the largest one in the room.
~Sitting in the back row because I worry about people not being able to see around me.
~Sitting in tight booths or tables close to each other where your chair backs up to someone else.
~Airplane seats
~Getting short of breath easily especially when walking with someone in shape and having to carry on a conversation with them at the same time.
~Having high blood pressure at such a young age (thankfully I have already overcome this one! No meds anymore and my blood pressure was normal when I went to the doctor!!)
~Being diagnosed with PCOS and fearing I won't be able to have children without fertility help.
~Dark hairs associated with the PCOS. ick!
~Lack of cute clothes for decent prices. Seriously....was at Cato the other day and walked over to the normal person side.  Same exact dress was about $4 cheaper.  Add that up over a whole wardrobe and that's a lot of money.
~Theater or Stadium seating.
~Going to a restaurant by myself and feeling like people are staring at me or feeling sorry for me.
~Being categorized as obese or even morbidly obese. 
~Going shopping with friends and only able to look at jewelry...or shop for them because I couldn't wear anything in the store.  ALL my freakin' life.
~Not being able to wear my wedding rings but not wanting to resize them even bigger.  Still can't get those puppies on comfortably! Geez!
~Wanting to get a massage but afraid of walking in and the masseuse cringing. I told you...psychological issues lol
~Analyzing any activity I do in terms of "will I be the largest one" or what the activity involves.
~Accessing a chair before I sit....."will this thing hold me?"
~Wanting another tattoo but afraid of where to put it so it doesn't get deformed as I lose weight.
~Feeling like I take up too much space on a couch if I'm at a get-together.
~Not wanting to post on Facebook that I'm doing a certain activity because of how people think (even though I have posted about boxing).....when I was in college, I posted that I was going for a run with my roommate on my IM messenger and a girl (that was dating my brother at the time) wrote and said "Yeh, you need to run, you fat ***!".  So yeh.  People are mean.

And again with the psychological issues.  I probably need a shrink.


  1. What a great list!

    I remember my husband wanting to do the Ripcord with me, which is basically like a gigantic bungee cord. They pull you way up in the air and then you pull a cord and go swinging away. You can do it with other people.

    I was all for doing it UNLESS they had to weigh me. If I had to be weighed, I wasn't doing it. Luckily, I didn't have to be weighed and enjoyed it. It just is amazing the things my weight impacted that I don't have to even worry about any more.

    1. Thanks Linda! I would also think the same thing about the Ripcord. If I could drag myself to do it to begin with. Hoping for the day when that won't be the first thing on my mind when asked to do something fun! Congrats on your accomplishments! Thanks for stoppin' by :)