Monday, April 15, 2013

Or not...

So maybe I wasn't really on a real stall.  I lost a couple more pounds over the weekend! I'm down 28.6.... technically 30 though from what my highest weight was.  I had a NSV over the weekend.  I went to the store just to try stuff on for "fun" and I tried on a dress in a smaller size than I would normally try and it fit just fine.  It was still plus size as I will probably be there for a few more months (hopefully that's all) but down a size is down a size!  I ended up actually buying the dress as an incentive but I bought it from the "regular" side of the store in an XL.  We'll see!  My goal is to be able to wear it mid-June...or maybe the beginning of July.

I'm down 16.6lbs from my surgery date.  I have 5 more days until my One Month date.  I'm hoping to drop a few more pounds before I go to my one month appointment with the doctor.  They say that most people lose 20lbs the first month and I want to be one of those people.  They also say that on average, people lose 50lbs the first 3 months.  That is just mind boggling to me!

I'm doing ok with my food.  I'm not eating anything I'm not supposed to be.  I'm having a hard time getting calories in.  I seem to only be getting less than 600 calories.  I'm supposed to be between 800-1000.  I'm also having a super hard time getting my water in and I know that is a big problem if I can't seem to get a grip on that.

I have a lot of head hunger.  My eyes are definitely bigger than my belly because my eyes see what my portion size used to be.  So Saturday evening, we went to Chick fil a and I got chicken nuggets.  I ate 4 of them thinking surely that is about how many I would be able to eat.  I should have stopped at 3.  Now I know.  I need to learn to hear my body and know when it is full.  I'm getting used to measuring my food but when I go out to eat (which won't be often if I can help it), I won't know how much to have and I don't want to over do it.

On a super happy note....we are THIS close to booking a cruise in December with some friends that moved back to Michigan a while back.  We miss them terribly and are really looking forward to being able to go on vacation with them.  I'm just waiting to hear from work on whether they will approve the time off.  I'm crossing my fingers.  We are closed the whole following week due to Christmas so I'm just hoping they will let me out the week before too!

well....that's all I've got.  Not that anyone reads this anyway  lol  but if you do....feel free to drop a line just so I know I'm not talking out in la la land for nothing!

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