Monday, April 29, 2013

MOVE that body....

So apparently there is something to this whole "staying active" thing.  SAY WHAT??  I started boxing last week.  I boxed 2 nights, did a treadmill/elliptical/free weights mix 1 night, went bowling, and played 2 hours of volleyball...all since Tuesday.  And now I'm down 32.5 pounds.  You would think that would be enough for me to say "HECK YEH.....I'm going to exercise EVERYDAY!" haha....yeh right.  I'm still going to have to MAKE myself do anything.  I haven't gotten to the point where I feel like I enjoy the exercise.  I can't keep up with the warm ups in boxing but I do my darndest (is that a word?) to make it through the class.  It's intense though and my body pretty much feels like jello by the end.  However......

So there's that.  And that's a pretty big deal.  And on my phone, I have the one that says "You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry choose."  I'd like to always say that I'm doing to pick the first one.  I know that won't always be the case and I'll get super lazy.  Heck, I went boxing Friday evening and fell asleep on the couch beforehand while waiting for the time to leave for it.  Of course....I do think I'm borderline narcoleptic but hey, we all have our quirks right? ;)
Oh. Did I mention that when I went to the doctor last week for my one month appointment that my blood pressure was NORMAL??  Without any meds?  I was amazed and that right there made my entire surgery worth it.  I had taking medications.  I thank God every single day for this opportunity and for every ounce that I loose because I know that's just one more step to becoming a healthier me. :)

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