Monday, April 1, 2013

Just a thought (or two)

I am SO SO SO tired of this liquid diet phase.  I'm supposed to be on a liquid diet only until Wednesday (2 week mark of surgery) but tonight, I caved and made some egg salad and weighed out 2oz.  It was delicious.  Granted, I took 20 minutes to eat it to make sure I got it good and smooth but was yummy.  Starting on Wednesday, I can start to substitute some of my protein shake with some other type of protein through soft, pureed, diced, ground food.  I can have eggs, tuna, yogurt, beans, etc.

In other news. I've lost 21 lbs.  Say WHAT?  Yeh, that's right.  That's 12 lbs before surgery and so far 9 lbs after surgery.  It hasn't even been 2 weeks so I will take that and run with it for sure.  I also did my measurements and have lost a few inches.

I am looking forward to my one month appointment and hopefully to be cleared for more strenuous exercise.  There is a new boxing club in Ballantyne and I am really looking forward to checking it out.  It's exactly what I've been looking for.  They have 48 heavy bags and then they classes that are basically just formed around hitting and kicking the bag.  Love it.

Umm.  I think that's all.  Except.  Is anyone watching Dancing with the Stars?  I don't normally but I just randomly decided to watch it tonight.  Wynonna Judd needs to go home.  This is a dancing show.  That was a train wreck.

Anyway.  Today was my first day back at work and it was pretty rough.  We are moving offices this week and I packed all my stuff before I took time off.  Tomorrow will probably be worse because I've already done everything I need to.  Wednesday should be better though.

K...that's really all :)

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