Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Getting by

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since the day of my surgery.  I am at what people would call a bit of a stall.  Thankfully I read that this is pretty normal since we are adding soft/moist foods back into our diet.  Therefore, water and exercise become even more important.  I'm having a really hard time getting my water in.  I'm supposed to drink 64 oz just like any random joe, however, somehow I have to do this while only being allowed to sip it AND I have to stop drinking 30 minutes before I eat and not drink 30 minutes afterwards AND they want me eating every 2-3 hours?  What in the world?  So it's difficult to say the least.  Although I am trying not to feel defeated over this...it's hard not to.  But I'm thankful for the facebook group I'm a part of and the forum that I've gone to.  Everyone is at different places in their weight loss so it helps those of us just starting to see what we have to look forward to as long as we stick to the plan.  So that's my goal for this week.  64 oz of water and at least 30 minutes of exercise....even though they say I should have 60 minutes every day, 30 minutes will have to be a start.  I'll be glad when I'm cleared for more exercise.  Walking gets boring to me.  I'm ready to start boxing!  Where I can really feel it all working.

Today, 2 people told me they can really tell a difference in me.  Which is nice.  I don't take a compliment very well.  I usually just brush it off and quickly change the subject.  I need to stop doing that.  I need to take pride in what I accomplish instead of being embarrassed by it.

So Saturday was my birthday. The big 2-9.  Blah.  I broke down Friday night because for one I was having my 2 oz of chicken salad while Darren enjoyed a burger and chicken nuggets from Wendy's and because I was going to have to spend most of my birthday alone.  These days, most social interactions seem to revolve around food and since I can't really eat much right now, I don't really think it's enjoyable to be stuck around everyone else eating and enjoying their food.  It's depressing really.  But I have to constantly remind myself of why I did this in the first place and that it will get better.  There will come a day where I can have my birthday cake or some other yummy food on special occasions.  So here's to next year when I hit 30 and it better be one heck of a party.  lol

Holding tight at -25.5lbs.

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