Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting ahead of myself

I know. I know. I know this process is not going to happen overnight but I can't help but to think "COME ON! HURRY UP!" lol  I haven't been able to walk into a "normal" store in oh I'd say about 11 years...maybe 12.  Aka...I was 16/17 (junior year) and had lost some weight because I cut meat and bad things out of my diet and was at the gym twice a day killin' it.  I could wear like a 14/16 and thought I was fat.  Who wouldn't when you're in high school and all your friends are complaining about how they need to lose weight when they wear a size 2.  UGH.  Makes me SICK! 

Anyway. So today, I was perusing the internet looking at dresses and such for when I am thin and tan and gorgeous lol  I looked at the size chart of one of the places that I do remember being able to shop in and thought "When the HECK was I ever THAT size?"  It's been that long ago that I really can't remember walking in and grabbing something off the rack and actually being able to wear it and fasten it and not have icky curves smashing out everywhere or buttons threatening to pop off.  I mean.....curves are nice and all but only when they are in the right spots, am I right?  thought so.  However, I have also determined that once I can actually wear what I want, I'm going to need a second job!

And no....I did NOT have this surgery so I could wear cute clothes.  It's just one of the many perks of getting healthy and in shape.  So no judging. Capisce?  Cool :)

Oh.  And add in the fact that I have major baby fever.  And it's no longer just "oh that's so cute" or "oh what a cute baby".  It's a longing in my heart.  I know it will happen when it's supposed to and I don't want to rush it for my health's sake but I can't wait to have a lil' one of our own.  I'm sure I'm not the only 29 yr old childless woman that thinks that way.  It will happen one way or another :)  God knows what I need so much more than I do so I will trust Him.

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