Monday, February 18, 2013

Freak Out time!

I got the call last week that I've been approved and I have everything done for my weightloss surgery.  It's scheduled for March 20th.  I'll be able to take off the week and a half following that so I'm really thankful for that.  I decided to do the sleeve rather than the bypass.  It's less evasive and the recovery is a little better but it is still supposed to be very effective.  We will see.  So everything just got very real because that is only a month away.  I've been going through this process for the past 8 months or so so 1 more month isn't really much.  I am going to go to cheesecake factory and celebrate my birthday early though  lol

While I will try to update here more than I have been so far, I will probably keep a separate blog for my weight loss.  I'll probably just make this one public and then make that one super private.  I don't know yet.  I don't need everybody knowing what I weigh :)

k...that's all for now!

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