Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Maddox {Six Months}

I am SO behind on this! I didn't post a five months post (I know... shame shame).  So I'm combining five and six months into one.  I've been so busy with training for my new part time job at a gym (woohoo) and trying to start my Photography and Graphic Design business back up all while keeping up with Maddox... spreading myself a bit thin.  However, I won't apologize for the cuteness overload that this post contains ;) Pictures Pictures Pictures!

Six MonthsWeight: 21lbs 12.5oz (Holding strong in the 97%) 
    *I had to take him to the doctor today for a icky cough and he now weighs 23lbs. hah
Height: 27in (75%)
Size: 6-9 months clothes.

Five and Six months came and went SO fast that I'm having a hard time remembering what happened when lol
~We've gotten a few laughs out of him and it's just the sweetest sound ever.  First one was on March 2.
~Was diagnosed with impetigo on his face but it turned out it was just eczema.
~Typically awake by 7am and takes a 2 hour nap a couple hours later.
~LOVES to be outside
~Has had peaches, pears, apples, bananas, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, prunes, and apples with mango and rice cereal.  Basically loves anything you feed him. First gave him cereal on March 4.
~Loves the swings at the playground.  Tried it for the first time on April 8.
~Has a thing for fabric and while he's drinking his bottle, he'll rub a burp cloth (or whatever is in his hand) over his face.
~Started sleeping with his stuffed giraffe at naptime and he likes to have it in front of his face (much to my dismay).
~When he is fussy or crying, he will typically settle down if I sing to him (bless him because it's not a pleasant noise lol)
~Sometimes the sound of the hairdryer is the only thing that will get him to sleep.
~Fake coughs. Although I may be taking him in tomorrow for a real cough that I'm not liking the sound of. :(
~Such a flirt with anyone that will talk sweet to him.
~Will follow every bite of food to your mouth in a pretty pitiful way.
~Got his DOC band for plagiocephaly on April 20.  If you are unfamiliar with this... it basically happens because babies now sleep on their backs and they may prefer one side so their head flattens at one part so the DOC band will help to round his head back out as he grows.
~We are having to do neck exercises for Torticollis which is another issue from him preferring one side.  Just means his neck is really tight on one side so we have to help to stretch it out.
~He still hates tummy time.
~He'll sit up for a seconds and getting better.
~Can roll over but is lazy.
~Started sleeping on his side
~Blows raspberries and drools a LOT.

On to the pictures... (remember this is 2 months worth lol

March 1, 3, 4

March 5, 6, 7 (excuse the icky Duke hat lol)

March 10, 10, 11

March 11, 12, 13

March 19, 20, 20

March 21, 22, 23

March 26, 31, April 1

April 1, 2, 2

April 2, 3, 4

April 8, 9, 10

April 14, 16, 20

April 20, 21, 22

April 23 (all 3)

April 24 (all 3)

April 24, 24, 28

May 1, 1, 2

May 2

Crazy how fast they grow

Still can't believe he was that little

Thanks to Leigh Gibson for her awesome artwork on the DOC band :) If your baby has to wear a DOC band (and you are in the Charlotte-ish area)... do yourself a favor and get Leigh to paint it for you! Makes it so much easier on the eyes.  She also does amazing murals in homes so if that's what you are looking for... contact her!

Put me in coach :)

I love this...

Sweet blue eyed baby :)

I'm not sure whose facial expression I like more lol

I love this! He loves to swing!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Update: Diet, Job, and Pictures Oh My!

Forgive my lack of pictures on this post... my bad.

Remember a few weeks ago where I was all gung-ho on getting back on track?  The track that I've been completely off of since I found out I was pregnant last February.  I definitely used pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted basically.  But Maddox is almost 5 months old.  Time to get real.  I'm a month late on actually getting started but who's counting right?

I found a group on Facebook of some awesome people who have all had weight loss surgery (several a couple years ago like me) and "fallen off the wagon".  Several of us decided that yesterday (Monday) was the day to get back to the basics.  So this week is liquids only.  I made it through the day but wow oh wow!  I know I've made a bad habit of eating when I'm stressed and bored (it's not the kind of bored when you have nothing to do because that doesn't exactly happen anymore... it's different but hard to explain).  I have a lot of stress going on right now.  But I've stayed strong and stuck to the plan today.  Tomorrow may be a different story but I'm taking one day at a time.  I have a good 50 pounds to lose I think, although I'd be good with 25-30 right now.

So week 1 is all liquids and then week 2 is puréed/soft foods.  It's basically the same diet that I had to follow directly following my gastric sleeve surgery.  I'm already looking forward to week 2 lol The point is to basically detox my body of carbs and sugars and bad grains.  I know I will feel better in a few days.  Getting to that point is difficult.

I need to start back on my progress pictures and my measurements.  Will have to do that very soon.

I'm in the process of trying to find a part time job.  Something that will try and help with the bills (as much as minimum wage can) where Darren doesn't have to work so much.  I have 2 job interviews on Thursday.  The fact that I even got these interviews proves that the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  I can get really squeaky when there is something I really want.  Both of the positions would have their perks.  I'm praying that God will put me in the position He would want me in and the position in which He can use me the most.  The stress of finances really squelches the joy that I get out of staying at home with Maddox.  One of these jobs could really help with my fitness level.  The other is super close.  I don't think there's any way I could do both because I think they would both require me to work on Saturday so I think it would get too confusing.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day and quite toasty! I got back behind the camera (yay!) and did some pictures of my niece to celebrate her upcoming first birthday.  She is a ball of energy!  If I could just bottle up a teeny bit of it, I'd be set for life.  Today has been just as beautiful.  I did some pictures of some friends with 2 very spunky girls... one of whom cared for anything as long as it was not in my direction whatsoever! lol But she was still cute as can be.  Just caught her on a bad morning.  We all have them, right?  Hopefully I'll get my portfolio going really soon and start doing some sessions.  I'm excited about the possibilities now that I could make it more of a full time job.  But I'm going to take one step at a time. I definitely need to work on lots of things before I "go live".

So that's life right now... Ciao!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Maddox {Four Months}

Four Months
Weight: 18lbs 8.5oz (95-97%) That's the weight of an average 7.5mth old by the way lol
Height: 24.75in (50%)
Size: 3-6 months clothes.

~I'm going to need to go shopping soon.  He's growing so fast and a lot of the 6 month clothes he has are summer time clothes because I had no idea he would be so chunky based on how he started out lol
~Has learned to reach up and pull the elephant ring on his play mat to make it play music.  Ok ok... maybe it's just coincidence but I'll go with the "I have the smartest kid" answer ;)
~Still not laughing really but we get really big grins and sometimes a squeal or two out of him.  He does like to "talk" though.
~Getting better at tummy time.
~Gets super mad if you aren't a couple steps ahead of him and ready with a bottle when he wakes from his morning and afternoon slumber lol
~Almost always has his hand in or around his mouth.
~Sucks on his pointer finger knuckle.
~I love that his sweet little personality is starting to come out.
~We lay him down by 8pm because he's just so tired.  He's usually asleep within a few minutes as long as he's not hungry :)
~He has quite the set of lungs on him and when he is not happy, I feel sure he wants the entire neighborhood to know it.  At least that's what it sounds like in my ears hah
~When he grins he'll bend his head down a little kinda like he's a little shy about why you just made him smile so big (if that describes it well enough.... hope so!)
~He rolled over for the first time on Monday (2.23) while I was taking his pictures and I thought it was just a fluke but today he rolled over 5 times (every time I would put him back to his belly).
~We might have an assessment for one of those lil' cranial helmet things if we can't correct some of the flatness ourselves.  He favors one side so it's not symmetrical.  While it is mainly cosmetic, it could cause issues with his jaws and things like that.
~No foods yet.  We might start that sometime this month.

So thankful for my iphone lol I don't think I'd have nearly as many pictures without it!
 January 20, 21, 23
 January 23, 24, 26
January 26, 26, 27 

 January 27, 28, 28

January 28, 29, 30 

January 30, 30, February 3 (always has to have his hands on his bottle) 

 February 6, 6, 8
*Baby-wearing, texting gammy lol

 February 8, 9, 9
 February 10, 12, 12
February 12 (all 3) 

 February 12, 12, 13
*that middle outfit is a 6 month outfit!

February 15, 16, 18 

February 20, 21, 21

And here are some real camera pictures.  I try not to torture him TOO much ;)
Shrinking giraffe? :)

Where did my tiny baby go???

I love happy, smiley babies

I love his facial expressions...

haha...I HAD to. (caption this...)

My little stud muffin.

oh be still my heart <3

 I adore this child

Built like a catcher... (so says daddy)

Those sweet blue eyes :)
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